American Martial Artist and Actor Chuck Norris Controversy About Homophobia, Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Chuck Norris Controversy

People in the United States aren’t happy that Chuck Norris is a homophobic Trump supporter.

After a lookalike of Chuck Norris was spotted at the US Capitol riots, his homophobic remarks resurfaced once again.

With him being forced to deny involvement in the US Capitol riots, fans of the aged action hero are now realizing he isn’t as spotless as they might have thought.

When a Trump supporter claimed to have seen Chuck Norris at last week’s insurrection on the Capitol and shared a photo of a man who did in fact resemble Chuck Norris, the 80-year-old actor and martial artist shot to fame.

Representations claimed that the man in question had no connection to Norris, but the confusion sparked fresh scrutiny of his views, and it’s not a good one.

This Is Why You Never Hear From Chuck Norris Anymore — Best Life

The star is a well-known Republican who proudly endorsed “friendly and sincere” Donald Trump in 2016, but he’d already been a problem for years at that point in his career.

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Slammed For Homophobic Article: Chuck Norris

In 2012, Chuck Norris was accused of homophobia after he made the claim in the shooting magazine Ammoland that gay people have no place in the scouting movement. He denied this claim.

His article slammed Obama’s “pro-gay agenda” and accused his administration of favouring homosexuals over Christians and US taxpayers, a century-old policy that forbade gay scouts and leaders.

5 reasons Chuck Norris wants you to vote for Donald Trump | The Auditor -

Additionally, Norris has publicly endorsed the disgraced anti-LGBT+ Republican Ray Moore, who was accused of illegally ordering Alabama probate judges to enforce a ban on gay marriage.

That a Trump-supporting “gun rights activist” could harbor homophobic views shocked many Chuck Norris fans (or Chuck Norris meme fans).

Other people were not surprised by Chuck Norris’ reported role as an organizer of the Capitol riots, but were surprised that more people didn’t know about his true beliefs until now.

It was even Chuck Norris, despite his anti-gay views, who decided that he couldn’t support the “Trump terrorists.”

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He made it clear to his Twitter followers that he had no involvement in the insurrection and that he did not support the violence.

Chuck Norris wasn't at Capitol riots, despite Twitter claims - Los Angeles Times

According to a recent report, one of the DC Capitol protesters resembled Chuck Norris. ” He insisted, “It wasn’t me and I wasn’t there.” In our society, there is no place for violence of any kind. As long as I’m alive, I’ll always support the rule of law.”

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