Claire Danes Is Expecting Her Third Child with Husband Hugh Dancy

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy are expecting their second child. According to her rep, the actress is expecting her third child. Her spokesman has yet to react to a request for comment from Page Six. Danes, 43, and Dancy, 47, first met on the set of “Evening” in 2006.

In February 2009, the couple announced their engagement. In September of that year, they married in France. When Cyrus, now 10, was born in 2012, the couple became parents. Rowan, their second son, is now four years old.

The First Time Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy Met

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy Are Expecting Baby No. 3

The duo met on the set of ‘Evening’ in 2006 and played fake love interests for each other. Claire also mentioned in an interview that she had recently been single and was not searching for a relationship. That’s why they stayed friends for so long.

Claire Danes also stated that they met in Rhode Island and that she was overjoyed when they went biking together. Later, when the pair began dating, they traveled together and attended award ceremonies together.

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Claire and Hugh’s wedding

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy married in a private ceremony in France. They married in 2009 in front of close friends and family before revealing their union to the public a few weeks later. Speaking about marriage, Danes stated in an interview that it might be difficult, but it can also be joyful.

Claire gives gratitude to her parents for demonstrating that lengthy marriages can work, especially when you are in love with the individual.

Relationship with a long distance

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy were forced to live apart for a few years after their marriage since Hugh was filming Hannibal in Toronto and Claire was filming Homeland in North Carolina. In an interview, the actress stated that the great distance was difficult for them and that they knew how crucial it was for the relationship to be physically together as often as possible.

Dane also stated that she is simply lousy at dealing with distance and does not aspire to be excellent at it. The couple currently resides in New York with their two sons. They also attended the Met Gala in all-white ensembles with High, while Danes wore Lanvin’s yellow lace gown.

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The couple had their first child.

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy Are Expecting Baby No. 3

In December 2012, the couple had their first child. In an interview, Danes stated that she worked until the eighth month of her pregnancy and was looking forward to spending time with the baby over the holidays. Hugh and Claire’s parenting style has been understated.

In an interview, Claire Danes also claimed that her eldest kid, Cyrus Michael Christopher, is a set baby. Cyrus visited her mum on set while filming Homeland and greatly enjoyed it. He enjoys saying action and going to the show’s operation room because there are so many lights.

The couple welcomed their second child.

In August 2018, the couple welcomed their second child. They had planned for this pregnancy and were overjoyed when they found out. Claire also bragged in an interview about how much she enjoyed her second pregnancy while on leave from work. She went on to say that the break this time felt like a big luxury.

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Managing one’s professional and personal lives

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy Are Expecting Baby No. 3

Hugh Dancy noted in an interview that combining job, fatherhood, and marriage can be difficult at times. They make it work, though, by attempting to achieve happiness as a family unit and as individuals, as well as fulfillment in their profession.

Claire Danes enjoys spending time with her children and believes parenthood to be a fantastic component of her life.

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancey have been doing well in their jobs, in addition to their charming love story. Claire is a dynamic actress who has won various awards, including Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and Primetime Emmys. Hugh Dancy has also appeared in various television shows and films, including Hannibal and Law & Order.