Who Is Colin Stough’s Girlfriend? Who Is the Lucky Lady by His Side?

Emma Long, Colin Stough’s American Idol girlfriend, is a police officer. At the moment, Emma works for the Amory Police Department. Emma recently graduated from the Police academy and works as a part-time model. She is the daughter of Detective Andy Long of the Amory Police Department.

One of the Top 12 American Idol season 21 contestants is her boyfriend Colin. He resides in a little community outside of Amory, Mississippi, with his parents and dog. Colin has a strong love for horses and a rough, rustic voice. On June 7, 2022, he began his employment with Brown & Son Heat & Air as an HVAC technician.

He was registered for the American Idol season 21 audition by his mother, Nara Johnson Goza. In front of the judges during his top 12 rounds, he shockingly sang Robyn’s song Dancing On My Own. On the talent competition, Stough, Zachariah Smith, and Haven Madison placed in the top 12. Hannah Nicolaisen and Oliva Soli, who were regulars, were unable to attend. The singer claimed that in comparison to him, his partner Emma has a better voice.

Who Is Colin Stough’s Girlfriend?

colin stough girlfriend

Let us inform you that Colin Stough, a singer who is just 17 years old, is already engaged and content with his relationship. Emma Long, that’s who he’s seeing, is her name. It appears that Colin’s girlfriend is a little bit older than he is. Before the year 2021, they connected, and they’ve been together ever since. Emma Long attended Smithville High School, where she graduated.

She had a part-time job as a secretary at Amory Tire & Alignment/Lodens Body Shop. Since November 2022, she has worked as a patrol officer for the Amory Police Department. Emma pursues her goal of being a model as well.

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American Idol and Songs as A Career

colin stough girlfriend

Colin Stough has put a lot of effort into becoming a popular singer and musician. In 2018, he began sharing videos of his songs on social media because he was confident that people would enjoy his music. He uploaded a video of himself singing for the first time to Instagram on November 6, 2018. In an effort to pay homage to American vocalists, he began creating his own renditions of their songs. His admirers like the video he released of him singing Cold of Christ Stapleton.

He rose to fame on social media in a short period of time and is now well-liked by his followers. But now that he’s on American Idol, he has a bright future ahead of him. After he leaves American Idol, he will promote his albums, singles, and EPs. Colin has also worked with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service provider Brown & Son Heat & Air.