10 Best Online Community Website Builders 2022

These tools enable you to construct your own online platform where individuals from all over the world can congregate. Whether you wish to create a specialised community or a generic forum, we have the appropriate option.
You can now bring blogs, forums, gaming websites, social media networks, and everything in between to life and give them your own unique spin. Sometimes you may wish to add a new area to your existing website, and the programme will assist you in doing so.
No technical expertise is required either. No matter their degree of technological expertise, anyone can use the community website builders on this page.
If you are enthusiastic about your project and specialty, recruit additional enthusiasts and expand your group to greater heights. With the right mix of tools and predefined content, you can get started immediately and see the results quickly.

Engaging Online Community Website Builders

1. Squarespace Community Website

Squarespace - community website builder

Squarespace nearly does not require an introduction. It is a flexible, powerful, user-friendly, and practical web development and design tool for creating pages of all types. With an abundance of pre-built templates, you may quickly find the web design that best suits your project. Certainly, if you require a community website builder, you may also use Squarespace.
Moreover, Squarespace handles the technical parts of your website. Squarespace offers mobile-ready design, cross-browser compatibility, high loading speed, web hosting, and domain names. Additionally, you may develop various campaigns, send emails, enable social sharing, and much more. There are no limitations with Squarespace. One account is sufficient to manage, maintain, and expand an online community.

2. Wix

wix community website builder

Wix is an all-purpose website builder that imposes no restrictions whatsoever. In other words, regardless matter the type of page you wish to create, Wix makes the process a breeze. Additionally, it can be used as a community website builder. Getting started with Wix will be simple, if not even enjoyable, because to its laid-back approach to page construction. Moreover, you can be a novice or an expert; Wix is for both.
Furthermore, Wix is comprised of three major components: Wix Editor, Corvid, and Wix ADI. The latter is by far the most intriguing and exciting. With Wix ADI – an abbreviation for artificial design intelligence – you require minimal effort to create a fully functional webpage. You can add your own creative touches, but you can also use ADI’s precise appearance.

3. Zyro

zyro website builder for communities

Using the proper tools, working on a community website is easier than thinking. Zyro is an outstanding website builder that lets you get off on the right foot, regardless of whether you intend to enter the gaming sector or not. It includes an abundance of practical customization options, allowing you to design your website to your exact specifications.
From beginning to launching your community website, you should not require more than one hour. Obviously, you don’t need to be a programmer or a designer to create a stunning result.
In addition, your website will be fully optimised for search engines, cross-browser compatible, quick to load, and responsive. Everyone who visits and interacts with your website will have a great time regardless of the device or platform they use.

4. Ning Community Website Builder

ning community website builder

Ning is a robust community website builder that enables the creation of a social network. How wonderful would it be to manage a social media platform where like-minded individuals would congregate to converse and share information? You can now make it a reality with relative ease with Ning! It includes all the tools and components essential to the success of a niche or general social network.
In terms of features, Ning is loaded with strong content management capabilities. From clubs, forums, and polls to events, blogs, and bespoke content, the opportunities are limitless. Ning contains a variety of social sharing features, social login, and personalised notifications. Additionally, Ning offers a variety of monetization alternatives, including membership fees, donations, and paid access to unique content. Choose from a variety of ready-to-use themes to get your community off to a solid start.

5. BuddyPress

buddypress community website builder

BuddyPress is an outstanding community website builder that transforms any WordPress page into the precise community page you desire. It is a terrific piece of software that can be added to an existing website or used as the foundation of your web platform. BuddyPress is functional, user-friendly, and extremely beginner-friendly. BuddyPress can, but is not limited to, be used for niche social networks, internal company communication, and community forums.
BuddyPress does not conclude the creation process with the default setups; you have infinite possibilities! You will get access to private messaging, member profiles, activity streams, user groups, and much more. BuddyPress functions well out of the box, but you can extend its functionality with additional connectors and plugins.
There are many of attractive BuddyPress themes available for use as a starting point.

6. phpFox

phpfox community website builder

You can avoid beginning from scratch with a community website builder, so saving a great deal of time and effort. And phpFox makes it simple to construct your own community platform. You can create businesses, groups, and social networking sites, among other entities. phpFox is dynamic and adaptable, making it ideal for all of your ideas. Think creatively, and phpFox will assist you in developing a unique web platform.
Obviously, phpFox does not require any coding expertise to operate. Their premade themes are completely modifiable by adding and removing elements. phpFox ensures that your final output is compatible with mobile devices, Retina displays, and common online browsers. Examining a few phpFox example websites will give you a basic understanding of the language.

7. SocialEngine Community Website Builder

socialengine community website builder

SocialEngine is, as its name suggests, a powerful community website builder for developing social networks. These can serve a variety of purposes, from specialised to general. It provides two choices for constructing the ideal social network. The SocialEngine PHP allows you to download and host the software on your own. And last, there is SocialEngine Unite, in which the platform hosts your website for you.
There will be no difficulty in establishing the desired online community platform. You have complete control over your network and can connect third-party plugins with SocialEngine. Increase social engagements, develop a fantastic mobile presence, and don’t forget to monetise it. SocialEngine has all you need and more to get things rolling.

8. Oxwall

oxwall community website builder

You really only need a single application to launch your web project, and Oxwall may be the best option. Oxwall will take care of you once you’ve created a community website or social marketplace. It is a completely mobile-friendly and cross-browser-compatible open-source social marketplace platform that can be tailored specifically to your requirements and rules. You may now have an active and functional online marketplace up and running with minimal effort and investment.
Oxwall encompasses everything from groups, forums, and blogs to notifications, ads, photo sharing, and profile moderation, among other features. Your users will feel as though they are already familiar with your page if the news feed resembles that of Facebook. The English language is supported by Oxwall, but other languages can be added through third-party packs.

9. Doodlekit Website Builder

doodlekit community website builder

Once you have full access to Doodlekit, creating a community website shouldn’t pose too many difficulties. It is a simple website builder that you may use to create a page that fits your purpose well. Doodlekit offers a variety of options, ranging from premade templates to the ability to design your own and modify current ones. Obviously, your page design will be suitable with all major devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. In conclusion, the performance will always be impeccable.
You may create a forum and cultivate a community of devoted users using Doodlekit. Whether you opt for a niche or wide strategy, Doodlekit allows you to set up both in a short amount of time. Now do your thing, enjoy Doodlekit’s extensive range of features, and make a difference.