Confidence Man’s ‘Holiday’ Is Remixed by Tame Impala for The ‘RE-TILT’ EP!

After Confidence Man’s single “Holiday” was published last week as part of their “RE-TILT” EP, Tame Impala reworked the song and made it available for streaming and download last week.

The ‘RE-TILT’ bundle, as the name suggests, contains new versions of songs from Confidence Man’s second studio album, ‘TILT.

It was published on Friday, September 30th, by I OH YOU, and features new versions of songs by Erol Alkan (‘Holiday’) and CHAI Angry Girl, as well as remixes by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, X-COAST, CC: CISCO!, and Daniel Avery.

Confidence Man's 'Holiday' Is Remixed by Tame Impala for The 'RE-TILT' EP!

The group stated about Tame Impala’s ‘Holiday’ remix in a press statement, “It’s not every day one of your heroes casually contacts you up on Instagram, asking if they may remix your single.

When we finally quieted down, we could only mutter “f*#k yeah.

As you may have guessed by now, we enjoy ourselves greatly. Big Kev enjoys life to the fullest. If you want to join in on the fun, just press play. Not sharing would be a harsh act.

Have a listen to the remix below:

Confidence Man's 'Holiday' Is Remixed by Tame Impala for The 'RE-TILT' EP!`

When it was first published in March, ‘TILT’ was given a perfect score of four stars by NME.

The album’s follow-up, ‘Confident Music For Confident People,’ had singles including ‘Feels Like A Different Thing,’ ‘Woman,’ and ‘Luvin U Is Easy,’ in addition to ‘Holiday.

In the month of November, Confidence Man will perform 14 gigs across the United Kingdom and Ireland, with multiple appearances scheduled for both London and Manchester.

Thomas Smith of NME praised the duo’s performance at this year’s Glastonbury as “an enormous delight,” applauding them for “letting the music do the talking.

The pair performed DJ Sammy’s dance cover of Bryan Adams’s “Heaven” in the studio for the “Like A Version” feature on triple j, an Australian radio station, last month.