‘Conspiranoia’ by Primus Is Covered by Willow for Their 2022 Album!

In response to Willow’s 2022 cover of Primus’s “Conspiranoia,” Primus frontman Les Claypool has spoken out.

On Monday, Willow covered Primus’s “Conspiranoid” and posted it on Instagram with the statement, “I fucking love Primus. It’s a major problem if you haven’t listened to Conspiranoid.

And then Claypool of Primus wrote back, “Fine guitar pickin’ there young fiery lass,” in response.

After receiving this compliment, Willow renamed her Instagram account “Fiery Young Lass” and wrote, “I’m wetting my pants with gratitude rn.”


On October 8, Willow will release their new album Coping Mechanism. “maybe it’s my fault,” “hover like a GODDESS,” and “curious/furious” are all hints at what’s to come in the follow-up to 2021’s “Lately I Feel Everything.”

I had so much respect for the rock genre, but I didn’t know whether I could give it exactly what it required,” Willow told NME, explaining why it took so long for her to record a rock album despite the fact that she has always been a fan of the genre.

My mother was an R&B singer, so I had the benefit of watching her perform firsthand. To be honest, I doubted my own competence for a very long period.

'Conspiranoia' by Primus Is Covered by Willow for Their 2022 Album!

When she realized she “could make it something truly distinctive and authentic to who I am as a person and a writer,” she told NME. It’s possible that I could create a product that has an unmet demand.

“There’s a certain amount of reckless abandon that comes with rock music,” she continued. The level of tyranny any minority in the United States has historically faced, I believe, leaves something in us that makes us want to growl a little bit and shout.

'Conspiranoia' by Primus Is Covered by Willow for Their 2022 Album!

I find pop-punk to be a remarkably eloquent musical representation of that sentiment.

Willow debuted on the main stage at Reading Festival last month, when she discussed her desire to create a “rock opera” in the future.