Who Is Corey Mylchreest’s New Girlfriend? Discover the Woman Winning His Heart!

This incident included Bridgerton. With the Outer Banks, it happened. And now Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is the subject of it. We have admittedly become enamored with the characters and are eager to learn every detail about the lives of Corey Mylchreest, India Amarteifio, and Arsema Thomas. Aside from his girlfriend. I’m sorry. Girlfriend.

While the on-screen chemistry between India and Corey, who play Queen Charlotte and King George in the Bridgerton prequel, is fantastic, the actor has admitted in a few interviews that he has an off-screen girlfriend. Here is all the information you require about her.

Who is Corey Mylchreest’s Girlfriend?

Although the 25-year-old actor normally keeps his personal life very private, he recently admitted that he is in a relationship in an interview with Extra. When asked if he had seen Bridgerton before being cast as King George, Corey admitted that he hadn’t, but that “as soon as I got the job, I was like, ‘Alright, I gotta binge this thing.'” My girlfriend and I did everything while sitting down.

Unfortunately, his Instagram account is primarily dedicated to his professional obligations, and he hasn’t specifically referred to her by name, so the confirmation of his having a girlfriend doesn’t go very far. But let’s hope they soon make their red carpet-debut!

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Who is Corey Mylchreest?

corey mylchreest new girlfriend

Corey is a British man who is 25 years old and was born in 1998. The actor’s first significant TV role comes in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, but he has previously appeared in short films like Mars and Elevator Pitch, as well as Netflix’s The Sandman.

When describing his first few weeks of filming for Town & Country, he said, “For the first few weeks of filming, I was a bit of a deer in the headlights. But the final step in my character preparation would be donning this ring with George’s initials on it and then listening to a certain song because part of my process was creating a playlist of songs.