Who Is Cottontailva Aka Voice Actor Cotton Tail on Twitch?

The real identity of Cottontailva, a well-known Twitch streamer who rose to stardom as the voice actress for the audience, is still kept a secret in the Twitch and streaming communities.

We’ll reveal Cottontailva’s face in this post. Please read this post all the way through to gain fascinating details about Cottontailva Face Reveal.

Cottontailva Twitch Real Name:

cottontailva face reveal

Because she has hidden her real name, CottontailVA, a mysterious Twitch streamer, is much more intriguing. Her Twitch TV bio states that she prefers to refer to herself as an “energetic bunny chick.” Cottontailva is a well-known persona among her fans despite not having a real name.

She hasn’t confirmed this or offered any other details about her hometown or current abode, but based on the way she spells her name with the capital letter VA, she might be from Virginia, USA.

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Cottontailva Twitch Voice Actor

Fans have grown accustomed to the voice acting of popular Twitch streamer Cottontailva. Cottontailva is still a mystery in the Twitch streaming and communities because of her genuine identity. On Twitch generally, it has received a ton of attention.

With a viral face reveal that has amassed over 2M+ views on YouTube, Cottontailva is an online superstar. Since she was originally sighted in 2014, the cottontail rabbit has kept her true identity a mystery, but a recent video made by the bunny’s owner exposes her real name and age. Approximately 25 to 30 years old, Cottontailva.

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The face of Cottontailva Twitch revealed

Social media followers had yet to glimpse Cottontailva’s actual face. Fans are genuinely curious about who she is and what her real name is. If you are familiar with Cottontailva’s acting background, you should know that she is a fantastic voice actress.

She does not have a lot of online personal data that is available to the public. The actual age of Cottontailva is unknown to us. We don’t exactly know who her family members are because she doesn’t want to publish any private information online.