Countdown to Midnight: 12 Exciting Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

It’s almost time to bid 2022 adieu and ring in the new year! A new year’s celebration has been observed for millennia and is rooted in custom, culture, and legacy (both old and new) all over the world.

Whatever you call it—New Year’s Eve, St. Sylvester’s Day, a réveillon, or Old Year’s Day—New Year is a time for celebration no matter where you are from! We have put together our hand-picked list of venues, locations, and things to do for the 2023 New Year to start off with a bang in order to make the most of this time of year!

1. Celebrate Hogmanay in Scotland by having a wild time.

Perhaps one of the most well-known New Year’s celebrations is Hogmanay. Hogmanay celebrations have a long history that can be traced back to the Winter Solstice festival many years ago.

It’s wonderful to see that some of the old customs are still present in today’s Hogmanay festivities. This Hogmanay, celebrate in style in Edinburgh! Grab some “Hot Toddies” or “Warm Spiced Apple Cider,” wrap yourself warm, and walk to Princes Street. Each year, the most spectacular fireworks displays in all of Scotland are accompanied by music, both traditional and contemporary. Before you go for the evening, don’t forget to study “Auld Lang Syne”!

2- Indulge in a Réveillon in New Orleans.

Many nations and areas that speak French have long practiced the réveillon custom. involving a lengthy, heavy supper and, of course, the required celebration! One of the best things about a Réveillon is that the dinners are typically extravagant, with the best lobsters, escargots, and truffles to make the evening feel special and delicious.

3 – Explore a traditional Calenning in Wales while eating cheese.

On January 1st, a calenning begins at 0000 hours in Wales. This day was customarily celebrated by exchanging gifts and cash with family and friends. Nowadays, the majority of individuals like sharing bread and cheese at home with their families. What a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends while indulging on cheese and other tasty foods!

4 – Have a sparkling evening in a fresh New York.

The Times Square sphere has been lowered to denote the start of a new year ever since 1907! Since then, tens of thousands of people have gone to Time Square to commemorate this occasion in a massive street party. Wear warm clothing, bring a water bottle if necessary, and enjoy the night out with friends, some champagne, and the joyous cheers of New Yorkers!

5. Enjoy your New Year’s in London!

London is the place to be this New Years Eve if you want to fall in love with a city! The cheering bands and buskers that amuse central London draw millions of locals and visitors alike to the streets. Before 12 o’clock, start heading in the direction of the London Eye. Westminster gets so packed that streets are closed, so get there early, grab a warm cider or gin and tonic, and enjoy one of the most amazing fireworks displays in history.

Celebrate in Abu Dhabi under a canopy of stars.

Why not go to the UAE if you want a more private New Years celebration?

You can almost always count on a bright night sky on New Years Eve in Abu Dhabi, which is one of the best things about the city. Take a trip into the midnight desert with your closest friends and family before leaving the city. You can see belly dancers, ride camels, or even go to the calm slopes to look up at the millions of stars above you once you’re deep inside the desert. Beautifully romantic and truly unique

7 – Visit Rio’s Copacabana Beach

Rio actually celebrates New Years Eve outside in the sweltering heat of the day (and warm evenings). Join the natives at the beach where they will be enjoying some of the best Brazilian dancing in all of, well, Brazil! In Brazil, it is customary to consider wearing white for New Year’s lucky. So get dressed up, soak in the Brazilian Samba and heat, and don’t forget to bring some of your favorite fizz!

8 – View the fireworks from a Singapore infinity pool.

Staying at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel is one of the best ways to unwind while still taking in all the fireworks and entertainment on New Years Eve. The infinity pool at this hotel is the highest in the entire globe, providing a magnificent view of the fireworks below!

9 – Take a Sydney Cruise

Have fun with the fireworks and the water dancing? You need a new year’s eve cruise in Sydney Harbour, so stop searching. Despite the fact that these cruises can be pricey, they frequently come with a delicious meal and drinks while on board… and guess what? These cruises have everything covered, so there’s no need to wait in line or put your name on a terrible guest list for a party. Eat like, well, just eat a lot!

Scream like no one is listening. lol

10. Travel to Paris with some burlesque.

Visit the Moulin Rouge, a burlesque spectacle that is unquestionably recognizable to most people throughout the world, for the pinnacle of Parisian experiences. This is a terrific place to spend an evening, but beware—tickets may cost up to £600 each! Let’s hope there will be enough of Champagne!

11 – Get pumped at the Allendale Tar Bar’l Ceremony, United Kingdom

This New Year, do you want to try something a little different? Visit Northumberland in the UK to experience authentic local pub culture. Consume Scotch eggs, pickled onions, and the best local ales and brews. When midnight approaches, take to the streets to take in the area’s famed parade of blazing tar! Just keep your distance—the tar is hot and genuine!

12. Travel to Iceland to see the Northern Lights

Iceland is the ideal location to experience New Year’s festivities. Even though it’s freezing, going on one of the many boat tours that depart Reykjavik on New Year’s Eve is an incredible experience. When the Aurora Borealis streams and swirls overhead as you ring in the New Year, you will undoubtedly feel incredibly warm and snug.

Last but not the least…

13. Thank God for the Everything

As the new year approaches, it is natural to feel grateful and relieved that we have made it through another year. It is a time to reflect on the challenges and successes of the past year and to look forward to the possibilities and opportunities that the new year brings. It is also a time to express our gratitude to those who have helped us along the way and to thank God for the many blessings that we have received.

Whether we are celebrating with friends and family or taking a moment to be grateful in solitude, the new year is a time to express our appreciation for all that we have and all that is yet to come. As we move into the new year, let us take a moment to thank God for the many gifts and blessings that he has given us, and to pray for continued strength, guidance, and grace in the year ahead.