Courtney Clenney Hit Boyfriend a Month Before His Murder, Video Shows!

Authorities in Hawaii have detained a model who is wanted for second-degree murder in the death of her boyfriend in Miami. She will be extradited to Florida.

According to the state attorney for Miami-Dade County, Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Courtney Clenney, 26, has been charged with second-degree murder with a dangerous weapon for the stabbing death of her boyfriend, Christian “Toby” Obumseli, on April 3.

A Social Media Model in Florida Has Been Charged with Murdering Her Lover

Courtney Clenney, a social media model, was charged with the second degree murder of her live-in partner on Thursday by prosecutors in South Florida.

The charge against the 26-year-old model was made public during a press conference held by Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle.

On Wednesday, Hawaii law enforcement officials apprehended Clenney. Clenney, who Fernandez Rundle claimed was being held in Hawaii under the name Courtney Tailor on social media sites like Instagram and OnlyFans, is wanted for extradition to Florida.

On Thursday, she surrendered in a courtroom on the Big Island of Hawaii, waiving her right to an extradition hearing and agreeing to be sent back to Florida.

When she was taken to court, Judge Henry Nakamoto denied her bail and ordered her detention pending extradition.

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Christian Obumseli’s death on April 3 at the couple’s Miami condominium was described by Fernandez Rundle as the climax of their “tempestuous and acrimonious relationship,” which began in November 2020.

Based on the findings of the autopsy, the county medical examiner concluded that Obumseli, a cryptocurrency trader, died as a result of a sharp object being shoved downward into his chest at a force sufficient to pierce a major artery.

courtney clenney boyfriend

Clenney allegedly admitted to killing Obumseli, but claimed self-defense when she was arrested.

She said that after being pushed and thrown to the ground by Obumseli, she retrieved a knife and hurled it at him from a distance of around 10 feet (3 metres). From that distance, a knife could not have harmed Obumseli, according to the medical examiner.

When arguing self-defense in court, Clenney’s attorney in Miami, Frank Prieto, argued the medical examiner’s opinions won’t hold up to scientific scrutiny. He admitted there was tension between Clenney and Obumseli, but he cast Obumseli as the principal aggressor.

Obumseli “was the abuser, the worst type of abuser,” Prieto said in a statement. When no one was looking, he would take advantage of Courtney emotionally and physically.

Months After Reportedly Stabbing Her Partner to Death, an Instagram Star Has Been Charged with Murder

Internet celebrity Months after the death of her 27-year-old partner, Christian Obumseli, Courtney Clenney was arrested and charged with second-degree murder with a dangerous weapon.

Courtney Tailor, 26, was arrested in Laupahoehoe, Hawaii on April 3 after a warrant was issued for her arrest by prosecutors in Miami-Dade County for her involvement in a stabbing that occurred on April 3.

Miami-Dade state attorney Katherine Rundle stated at a press conference on Thursday that the chief medical examiner for Miami-Dade County had ruled that Obumseli died from a knife wound to the chest that severed his subclavian artery.

According to Rundle, the wound was caused by a downward thrust that went more than three inches into the artery.

Obumseli and Clenney, according to Rundle, have been in a “very turbulent adversarial relationship” since November 2020.

“After moving into the Miami apartment complex in January 2022, it was discovered that security and building employees had documented numerous instances of the couple engaging in loud disputes.

Noise and disturbance complaints were received from as far away as a second-floor unit “According to what Rundle had to say.

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courtney clenney boyfriend

According to Rundle, the numerous complaints from other tenants prompted the building management to consider evicting the couple.

According to Rundle, residents had called the building manager the day of the stabbing to report a commotion. Next, the manager dialled emergency services.

Clenney dialled 911 eleven minutes later to report that Obumseli had been stabbed and required medical attention, according to Rundle.

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