My Brain Is Melting Over the Cowboys’ Fake Quarterback Controversy

American football quarterback Rayne Dakota Prescott currently plays for the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL (NFL).

He was picked up by the Cowboys in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft after a successful college football career at Mississippi State, where he was named to the All-SEC first team twice.

Prescott was supposed to be the Cowboys’ backup quarterback in his debut year, but when starter Tony Romo was hurt in the preseason, Prescott was thrust into the starting role.

In the next season, he led the Cowboys to the NFC playoffs and was named Offensive Rookie of the Year after breaking numerous rookie quarterback records.

The Cowboys have won two more division titles under Prescott’s leadership, and he has been selected to the Pro Bowl twice.

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Cowboys Quarterback Controversy

cowboys quarterback controversy

Dak Prescott, who was selected by the Cowboys in the fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft, dethroned Tony Romo as the team’s starting quarterback only six years ago.

Prescott just turned 29 this summer, and he’s already one year into a large contract extension, so I didn’t expect any public litigation over the job for at least another half a decade.

Nope! This so-called quarterback controversy arises solely because of Jerry Jones.

The story of Cooper Rush, an undrafted player who fought tirelessly to become a decent NFL quarterback with his own record with the Cowboys, should be an enjoyable one.

It should be a beautiful story about an inexperienced player who becomes a footnote in the larger narrative of the team, much like Jason Garrett’s rise on Thanksgiving day in 1994. Unfortunately, Jerry, the salesman steered the narrative in a direction nobody had requested.

So, what has occurred since then? Rush shrugged it off. Repudiated by Mike McCarthy. Even Jerry has recanted his initial assessment. This is not a legitimate quarterback dispute, and I cannot stress it enough.

However, the talk keeps going. You can find ridiculous interpretations of Cooper Rush anywhere on the web. That’s why I have to say that the Cowboys’ backup quarterback, Rush, isn’t good enough to start in place of Dak Prescott.

cowboys quarterback controversy

Many of the team’s supporters wanted him replaced throughout the offseason, so the fact that there is even a quarterback debate to be discussed is a great credit to him. In three starts this year, Rush has been the winning quarterback despite facing tough competition from the likes of Joe Burrow, Daniel Jones, and Carson Wentz.

He has a passer rating of 95.7 because of his low interception total (one) and a high percentage (60%) of successful passes. There would be an uprising if Jerry decided to swap Rush for Carson Wentz tomorrow.

Rush may now legally operate a motor vehicle in the NFC East, but he’s still not someone you want behind the wheel all the time. So far this season, he has not had a game in which he threw for more than 250 yards or two touchdowns.

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Unfortunately for Kellen Moore and his offence, his lack of mobility eliminates a key component of the read-option.

Rush has pinpoint accuracy on short and intermediate passes, but his arm power prevents him from often making long throws.
The offence hasn’t reached the heights of the first half of last season, which is hardly a surprise.

And Dak, who just had a season in which he threw for over 4,400 yards and 37 touchdowns, is a two-time Pro Bowler. He outperforms Rush in every imaginable quarterbacking category. Don’t make things more complicated than they need to be.

cowboys quarterback controversy

So, why does this thought keep germinating? Why did Jerry Jones serve drinks to a quarterback controversy? For the reason that the stakes in these hypotheticals go beyond only how well they execute. They allow us to cover up our mistakes.

No one expected Prescott, a rookie at the time, to be a better quarterback than Tony Romo when he took over the starting job in 2016. Despite the fact that Romo was well enough to return to the lineup, the arguments in favour of Dak continuing to start were couched in intangible terms. To put it simply, he wins. Now he’s got the upper hand. He takes charge and leads the way.

Prescott has an unrivalled command of the playbook, and an uncanny ability to read defences and pinpoint accuracy with his passes.

The fact that Prescott wasn’t tarnished by a string of losing records and postseason eliminations was all that counted. You could tell yourself that this time would be different since you were starting over.

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That’s how Romo, Dallas’ best quarterback since Troy Aikman, mysteriously slipped off the roster while showing no indications of decline.

As far as Prescott is concerned, he has now moved to the complete opposite extreme of the spectrum. Cooper Rush is the equivalent of a new beginning.

Everyone who saw last year’s potent offence fizzle into nothingness and the most recent playoff collapse should rest certain that things can start over. You can make out some coherence if you strain your eyes.

Prescott’s rushing game has all but vanished due to the numerous injuries he’s endured. In light of his troubles before Amari Cooper’s 2019 arrival, some have questioned whether he can elevate talent of a lower calibre.

To acquire him, another club might give up a high draught pick, and the Cowboys could use the money they’d save by not having to pay his contract to improve other areas of the squad.

What a moronic idea. It’s offensive how ignorant this is. Given that the arguments on both sides of the Romo-Dak debate were at least partially convincing.

cowboys quarterback controversy

This squad found gold in the fourth round, and their rookie quarterback has helped them to an 11-1 record through their first 12 games. Sure. Fine.

Given Rush’s age and inability to contribute he’s only a year younger than Prescott, and he offers no such benefit. This genie, however, cannot be contained any longer.

Prescott’s return will be met with more calls for Cooper Rush if he has even one bad game. As a matter of fact, I was present on a Monday night in 2006 when Romo took over for Drew Bledsoe.

After Bledsoe threw an awful interception near the end of the first half, we yelled his name throughout the whole halftime break. This behaviour is universal among football enthusiasts. This is the only instance where the owner of their favourite team actually starts the fight.

Prescott doesn’t deserve any of this.

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In a league where his performance at his position can make or break a team’s season, he is outstanding even if Micah Parsons does his damnedest to elevate things on his own.

When he returns to the field, the Cowboys will be a much stronger team.

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Because of this, it’s not only pointless but also dumb. A quarterback dispute is always welcomed at this franchise. However, that’s not something this group needs.

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Personal life

cowboys quarterback controversy

Presley practises Christianity. He has two older brothers named Tad and Jace, a sister named Natalie Prescott-Smith, and a half-brother named Elliott Prescott from his father’s first marriage. His mother and stepmother are named Nathaniel and Peggy.

Jace played the offensive line for Northwestern State.
She had colon cancer and passed away in November 2013.

In her name, Dak Prescott launched the Faith Fight Finish Foundation to assist those who are facing difficulty.

It was in April of 2020 that his older brother Jace took his own life. His mother was of European ancestry, and his father is African-American. Right now, Prescott calls Frisco, Texas home.