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Craigslist has long been known as a place where people can sell everything from furniture to electronics. But what most people don’t know is that Craigslist also offers a wide range of services, including traffic analytics and market share research. Traffic analytics can help you understand how your website or marketing campaigns are impacting traffic and conversions. In addition, market share research can help you identify which keywords or categories are capturing the most attention from potential customers. If you want to take advantage of these tools, make sure you have accurate data and a clear understanding of your target audience. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your time and money on ineffective strategies.

Traffic Analytics

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Craigslist is a classifieds website with millions of users. To understand how users use the site and to target advertising, craigslist analyzed traffic data.[1] The results show that although the site has not seen a significant increase in traffic since 2012, it continues to be the most popular classifieds website in the United States. The site also dominates its regional markets, with more than 80% market share in all but two markets studied.

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Market Share

Craigslist is the largest classifieds website in the world, and traffic analytics show that it’s a major player in the Annapolis market. In this analysis, we take a look at Craigslist traffic by month and by category.

In terms of monthly traffic, Craigslist posts more ads than any other website in the Annapolis market. This can be explained in part by its expansive categories (e.g., jobs, Housing, Classifieds) and its willingness to experiment with new formats (e.g., “flash” ads). In October 2015 alone, for example, Craigslist saw an increase of 178% in total ad volume compared to October 2014 – a robust trend that continued into November (+207%).

In terms of category traffic, Craigslist dominates the Annapolis market. The website has over 1,000 categories compared to around 100 on second-place site Petfinder (~250 total). However, both websites are well-represented across all categories: housing (30), jobs (10), items for sale (8), and services (5). So while one might expect more pet-related categories on Petfinder given its namesake nature, these sites offer something for everyone when it comes to finding what they’re looking for online.

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