Crime-Action K-Drama ‘The Worst of Evil’ will Premiere on Disney+ in 2023!

The Worst of Evil, an upcoming original series from Disney+, will debut that year (2023).

The Worst of Evil, starring Ji Chang-Wook (If You Wish Upon Me), Lim Se-mi (True Beauty), and Wi Ha-Joon, was announced as Disney+’s next upcoming Korean title on October 4. (Squid Game, Little Women). Around the year 2023, the show will debut on the service as a must-see original series.

Disney+ claims that its upcoming crime-action drama will take place in 1980s South Korea and follow undercover police investigators as they infiltrate a massive criminal organization responsible for the illegal drug trade between Korea, China, and Japan.

Ji plays the lead investigator, police officer Kang Joon-mo, in the series. An undercover narcotics officer named Yoo Eui-Jung (Lim) has joined him. Wi, meanwhile, will play the ringleader of the criminal organization, Jung Ki-Cheol. Movies like “Man in Love” (2014) and “The Unjust” (2016) are examples of Han Dong-previous wook’s work, and he will be directing “The Worst of Evil” (2010).

Crime-action K-drama ‘The Worst of Evil’ will Premiere on Disney+ in 2023


The upcoming Korean drama is the latest addition to Disney+’s ever-expanding library of original content, and it’s part of the service’s ongoing mission to greenlight more than 50 APAC original titles by 2023. Recent South Korean releases include Kiss Sixth Sense, Soundtrack#1, and Big Mouth.

The first trailer for Disney+’s upcoming crime drama Connect, starring Snowdrop’s Jung Hae-in, has also been released. Season one is scheduled to premiere in December 2022, and it centers on a young man who is forced to watch as a serial killer commits horrific acts of violence after having one of his eyes removed by organ harvesters and implanted in the body of another man.