Cryptocurrencies: what is automated trading?

With the growth of cryptocurrencies, we are simultaneously witnessing the generalization of a set of tools specialized in automated transactions that use algorithms capable of aggregating and analyzing market data and providing users with detailed information that allows them to take more informed decisions and boost your profits in this segment of the financial market.

These mining robots, as they are known in the field, offer greater autonomy to those interested in diving into this new world through the creation of different strategies that can be implemented anytime, any day. It is up to the user then to adjust the algorithm settings so that it best serves their particular interests, drawing attention to the elastic nature of these platforms.

Bots for trading cryptocurrencies?

Criptomoedas Crypto Genius

The cryptocurrency trading bots are software applications that use an API capable of analyzing a user’s account data, executing transactions automatically following a set of pre-defined parameters.

This software will be able to assess market trends through technical analysis and combine that information with the user’s investment patterns, in order to maximize profits.

At this moment there are already several platforms of this kind, many of them created for specific purposes. Some target more experienced investors who want to free up some of their time by automating processes, while others seek to make life easier for less experienced investors looking for profitable solutions that do not require in-depth knowledge of the market.

These bots usually take a less elaborate form, posing as an immediate solution that can offer the user little control over the strategies applied by the software. Customization is often considerably limited, with the customer being dependent on the quality of the developer’s programming and strategy.

It is also necessary to take into account the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, something that points to the need for some human supervision in the entire trading process to avoid capital gains losses. In this sense, the use of automated investment platforms capable of offering investors a more granular control over their characteristics, optimizing potential profits, has gained greater relevance.

Cryptocurrency trading platforms

As a rule, these platforms make available to the user a more diversified set of tools that include social integrations, analysis portfolio or the ever-helpful customer support team.

As we can see on the Crypto Genius official website, there are platforms that intend to put investors in a position to take advantage of the various opportunities that this market presents.

These platforms are also able to trade cryptocurrencies uninterruptedly, allowing the investor to dispense with an exhaustive market consultation. Automating some of the trading processes saves time for other activities but also opens the door to new revenue opportunities through the software’s ability to analyze trends 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

There is also the emotional factor that so often prevents some investors from maximizing their revenues, as these platforms analyze data in a cold and calculating way, adopting strategies based on rules and not on feelings or subjective interpretations.

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