Cuba Gooding Jr. Will Not Serve Jail Time After Meeting Terms of Plea Deal!

After pleading guilty to one count of forcibly groping a woman in a New York City rooftop club in 2018, Cuba Gooding Jr. will not go to prison.

According to CNN, a representative for the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, Emily Tuttle, announced on Thursday that the 54-year-old actor has fulfilled the terms of his plea agreement and will not be going to jail.

After being asked for comment by PEOPLE, Tuttle has yet to provide any feedback.

Gooding entered a guilty plea in April for the misdemeanor allegation. Per the terms of the arrangement, he would undergo six months of therapy and would not be subject to further legal action. According to CNN’s reporting, he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of harassment this past Thursday.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Will Not Serve Jail Time After Meeting Terms of Plea Deal

Although the criminal charges were dropped, the harassment offense will remain on his record.

The news source also said that his sentence was time served.

Attorney Peter Toumbekis tells PEOPLE, “Two of the three lawsuits were fully dismissed.” This pertains to Gooding. “For his third instance, Gooding entered a plea of violation, which is not a criminal offense and does not result in a criminal record. I’m hoping and praying that everyone can find a way ahead.

Actress Kelsey Harbert, whose 2019 allegations of groping led to the actor’s arrest, responded to the news with disappointment.

This plea agreement “feels like a misstep,” she told the Associated Press. It’s sadder than words can convey that I was denied my day in court after fighting for it for three long years because I wanted to hold Mr. Gooding accountable for touching my breast without my consent.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Will Not Serve Jail Time After Meeting Terms of Plea Deal

Lawyer Gloria Allred called the plea deal “an insult” to Harbert’s accusers and a “prosecutorial gift to a celebrity who is unworthy of such an outcome,” as reported by the Associated Press.

PEOPLE attempted to get a comment from Allred, but he did not immediately respond.

According to the AP, Coleen Balbert, an assistant district attorney in Manhattan, told the judge that Gooding’s therapist had given her “good reports for the last six months” about the actor. He has also consented to continue counseling for longer than the minimum of six months.

According to CBS News, he faced up to a year in prison if he violated the terms of his release.

According to The New York Times, Gooding apologized to the courtroom, “forever making anybody feel inappropriately touched,” when he pleaded guilty in April.

Accusations of groping a lady at a Manhattan rooftop bar led to Gooding’s surrender to the New York Police Department in June 2019.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Will Not Serve Jail Time After Meeting Terms of Plea Deal

The woman claimed that Gooding touched her breasts while “very inebriated” at the Manhattan bar Magic Hour. Months later, two more allegations surfaced, and he eventually pled guilty to one of them.

Gooding was separately accused of raping the same woman twice in the same New York City hotel room in 2013. As the investigation continues, he continues to deny the allegations.

Mason Gooding, Gooding’s 25-year-old son and an actor who has appeared on Hulu’s Love, Victor and the most recent Scream film, spoke out about the allegations against his father in January, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “It makes me so happy that we now live in an era when people of any gender or background can freely share their stories.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Will Not Serve Jail Time After Meeting Terms of Plea Deal

I have a great deal of respect for and affection for my dad, and based on what I know about him and the way he brought me up, I can confidently say that nothing I have read, heard, or discussed with me is consistent with how I’ve observed his act.”

American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. and American Horror Story: Roanoke, both from 2016, feature Gooding in prominent roles.