How Did D Smith’s Before and After Transformation Happen?

People want to know if D Smith is transgender or not. D is a proud transgender lady from Miami, Florida, United States of America.

D. Smith is a Grammy-nominated record producer, filmmaker, actress, and musician. She won a Grammy in 2008 for her contribution as a writer on Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III album.

She makes her Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood debut as a commentator for the episode “Out in Hip Hop,” which aired during the second season of the show.

This episode was part of the LGBT subplot, which also included Milan Christopher and Miles Brock.

Is D Smith Transgender?

d smith before and after

Smith identifies as a transsexual woman. She boldly revealed her experience transitioning from male to female as a transgender female. Smith decided in 2014 to become the woman she had always felt she was but was unaware of.

In a 2016 Instagram post, she discussed the reasons for her decision and boldly showed her newfound confidence. Smith’s intention was not to seek approval, but to inform and empower people. During her first episode, she explored her ongoing transition with Tammy Rivera-Malphurs. D. revealed in her first show to Tammy Rivera-Malphurs that she has been a woman for over a year.

“Physically, some things are happening, and they have to continue to happen,” she explained. This is my first year, so I still have a long way to go.”

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D Smith Before and After

d smith before and after

On the blockbuster VH1 series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, D. Smith, a renowned director and actress, charmed audiences with their bold personality and talent. Smith’s life took a dramatic turn before her appearance on the show, as she began on a transformational journey, breaking free from social expectations and embracing her genuine self.

Smith portrayed herself as a guy prior to her participation in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, complying with societal standards. He used to be a good-looking guy before transforming himself into a good-looking woman. She appeared to be an entirely different person on the outside, but deep inside, she was struggling to reconcile her true identity with cultural expectations.

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D’s Instagram post, which was later deleted, revealed her difficulties during this time. She openly discussed the strain to please people and how she lost touch with their actual selves. Smith’s transition path began with a quest for self-discovery and a desire to live a more honest life. The strain of concealing her true nature weighed heavily on her relationships, inflicting anguish and harming those she cared about.

Smith emerged as the proud transgender woman she was always intended to be after a year and six months of transitioning. She mustered the fortitude to reject social norms and embrace her own self. Smith stated that she was proud to be a transsexual woman and that she would live her life on her own.