Dababy Is Not Dead: Cruel Hoax Against Rapper Cropps up On Tiktok

DaBaby has been in the news a lot this year, but right now a death fake is making the rounds on social media with his name attached! DaBaby is not deceased, let’s be clear about that.

The rapper-related rumor has previously been widely disseminated.

The Dababy Death Hoax: What Is It?

Creators on Tik Tok Frequently Post Videos in Which Rapper Da Baby Is Said to Be Deceased.

The Statements Are Undoubtedly False, but It Doesn’t Stop Many Others from Buying Into the Prank. so Let’s Clear the Air: Da Baby Is Still Very Much Alive.

Watch out For Any Death Hoax Videos that Show up On Your Fyp Since They Have the Potential to Receive Thousands of Views.

Dababy Is Not Dead: Cruel Hoax Against Rapper Cropps up On Tiktok

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Are There Any Prior Cases Where Social Media Users Reported Dababy’s Death?

Yes, There Are Frequent Reports About Da Baby’s Passing on The Internet.

A Few Videos that Claimed the Rapper Had Passed Away Were Uploaded to Tik Tok Back in June of This Year. One of The Videos Even Listed the Year 2059 as The Musician’s Passing Year!

In the Latter Half of 2020, a YouTube Video Spoof of The Scam Gained Popularity.

In 2019, a False News Report Claimed that The Rapper Had Been Shot, However, It Was Once More Obviously False.

Make Sure You’re Getting Your Information from A Reliable Source to Avoid Falling for The Hoax.

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What Is the Rapper Doing Now?

Da Baby Remained out Of the Public Eye After the Rolling Loud Controversy. Nevertheless, the Rapper Released a New Song Earlier This Month.

Lil Wayne Is a Featured Artist on Da Baby’s Most Recent Song, Lonely, Which Examines how The 29-Year-Old Felt when His Brother Glenn Johnson Passed Away.

According to Reports, Johnson Was Shot and Died. Rapper Da Baby Says, “As if I’ve got a reason to act lonely/ I observed my older brother unconscious and suffering from a brain hemorrhage. What would you do if your brother committed suicide? And you are aware of the fact that you rap like all of these n——s. And you’re living your life without even trapping.

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