Damian Lillard New Girlfriend: A Stunning Addition to His Life!

After missing much of last year due to a serious abdominal ailment, NBA standout Damian Lillard has been on a tear this season. Lillard had a promising start to the previous season but was sidelined early in the current one due to an injury that necessitated surgery and caused him to miss the rest of the campaign.

Last season, Kay’la Hanson became Lillard’s wife as a result of his injury troubles. Things were wonderful in his relationship even though the team missed the playoffs for the first time since his rookie season during that season.

Lillard and the Blazers (16-12) have been on an amazing tear to start this season, establishing one of the best records in the Western Conference. Many people are interested in learning more about Damian Lillard’s wife as he and the Blazers continue their vengeance tour. Fans have been interested in learning more about the longtime relationship who recently became wives as the happy lady in his life.

Who Is Damian Lillard’s New Girlfriend?

damian lillard new girlfriend

Due to a groin ailment, Damian Lillard was forced to miss the All-Star Weekend festivities, but he still contributed to the memorable weekend trip to Chicago. Over the weekend, Lillard proposed to longtime girlfriend Kay’La Hanson on top of an All-Star Saturday rap performance.

Lillard and Hanson have been dating since they were both students at Weber State.

Damian Jr., the kid of the couple, was born in 2018. On Friday, Lillard posted a family photo to Instagram in advance of Valentine’s Day.

Rapper Common and former teammates Evan Turner and Tim Frazier were present for the celebration, according to Jamie Hudson of NBC Sports.

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What Is the Job of Kayla Hanson?

damian lillard new girlfriend

The wife of actor Damian Lillard is both a businesswoman and a licensed nurse. She spent six years as a nurse in an undisclosed medical center. In Lake Oswego, Oregon, the United States, Kay’La runs a cosmetic nail salon named DIPPED.

The local news channel KOIN highlighted her company, DIPPED, as the highly acclaimed Mother’s Day present for mothers. In addition, Damian’s wife launched a brand-new business called KASICS, which focuses on nails, pedicures, and manicures.

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How Did Kay’la Hanson and Damian Lillard First Connect?

damian lillard new girlfriend

At Weber State University, where they were both enrolled, the pair initially met. In Chicago, Illinois, USA, in February 2020, over NBA All-Star weekend, Damian got down on one knee and proposed to her. On September 5, 2021, Damian and Kay’La exchanged wedding vows.

Close friends and family members gathered in Santa Barbara for Damian Lillard’s wedding. Common, Snoop Dogg and Tevin Campbell are just a few of the famous people in attendance. In addition, Jusuf Nurkic, Tim Frazier, Jake Layman, CJ McCollum, and Celtics assistant coach Evan Turner were among his current and former basketball players that came.

Damian Jr. M, the couple’s first child, was born in March 2018.

They received twins in January 2021, a male named Kalii Laheem Lillard and a daughter named Kali Emma Lillard. American basketball player and point guard for the Portland Trail Blazers is Hanson’s husband. Six-time NBA All-Star Damian, known as “Dame Time” for his clutch shots, was awarded NBA Player of the Year in 2012.