Dan Bellino Apology- Bumgarner Addresses Umpire’s Apology!!

dan bellino apology

Daniel Anthony Bellino (born October 10, 1978) is a Major League Baseball umpire from the United States. Bellino played catcher for Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Illinois, during his high school years. He was a member of the men’s basketball team at Northern Illinois University, where he was coached by Brian Hammel.

Dan was chosen and spent a semester at Oxford University in England while attending the NIU College of Business. Following his undergraduate studies, he continued his study and earned a J.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago, an MBA from the Brennan School of Business, and passed the Illinois bar test.

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dan bellino apology

Madison Bumgarner Was Dismissed by Mlb Umpire Dan Bellino, Who Apologised for His Actions

On Friday, Dan Bellino, the umpire who dismissed Arizona Diamondbacks left-hander Madison Bumgarner from a game against the Miami Marlins earlier this week, apologized for his actions.

In a statement to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers, Bellino said, “I would like to explain my conduct on May 4th with Madison Bumgarner.” “I received some sound advice when I began my MLB career over 15 years ago. Every game should be umpired as though my children were in the front row. This week, I fell short of those goals. While I can’t reverse what happened, I accept full responsibility. I will take your experience to heart and apologize profusely.”

After the end of the first inning and during a foreign-substance check, first base umpire Bellino dismissed Bumgarner. Bumgarner was not ejected for breaking MLB’s grip-enhancing substance guidelines, which would have resulted in a 10-game suspension. Rather, Bumgarner was ejected after a verbal altercation with Bellino, who started the fight by looking at the pitcher’s face while slowly inspecting his hand.

The event was captured on video.”I understand why I was ejected,” Bumgarner said after the game. “I’m not sure what I can say to make things right, so I’ll just say that I’m really proud of our team for fighting back and winning today after I put them in a large hole. Obviously, you didn’t go into the game expecting to throw one inning, so the fact that they were able to fight and that everyone picked me up today is quite fantastic. Very pleased.”

Bellino was fined by the league, according to Rogers, but he’ll be working as part of the umpiring crew for the Detroit Tigers’ series against the Houston Astros this weekend. Bellino was most likely merely fined.

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Bumgarner Will Not Be Punished Any Further

Bumgarner said after the game on Wednesday, “You guys have seen the footage.” “I’m not sure I could say anything that would improve the situation.”

dan bellino apology

Bumgarner, according to Bellino, was ejected for profanity shouted at him. Earlier in the inning, the veteran pitcher expressed his displeasure with home plate umpire Ryan Willis’ ruling of a ball/strike. That happened just minutes before the fight with Bellino.

It’s unusual for an umpire to apologize publicly, but Bellino believed it was important in this case.

Career in Umpiring

Since the 2008 season, Bellino has been umpiring Major League Baseball games. After the top of the first inning on May 4, 2022, Bellino dismissed Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Madison Bumgarner from a game. After Bellino glared down at the pitcher and held his hand during a check for foreign substances just before the dismissal, Bumgarner appeared to become frustrated. Bellino apologized publicly for the incident two days later.

Baseball Outside

Before attending umpire school, Bellino worked for the legal firm Morici, Figlioli & Associates and as an adviser to federal judge Charles P. Kocoras.

Bellino’s terminal law school research paper, in which he earned both a JD and an MBA, was about the major league umpire union during the 1999 umpires’ strike. Dan and his father Tony bought the Huntley, Illinois RE/MAX Superior Properties agency in 2008.

He currently leads a suburban legal company and works as “of counsel” for the Chicago-based international law firm Lowis & Gellen LLP. Elite Extremity MRI of Wisconsin is likewise owned and managed by Bellino.

dan bellino apology

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Personal Life

With his wife and four children, he resides in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Dan’s oldest son is named after his younger brother, who died suddenly while Dan was a child.

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