Dan Crenshaw Controversy: After Warning About “grifters” and Liars in His Party, Dan Crenshaw Sparks Outrage.

Currently serving as the United States representative for Texas’s 2nd congressional district is a politician and former US Navy SEAL Daniel Reed Crenshaw. Western and northern Houston is included in the district. Republican Party affiliation is held by him.

As a lieutenant commander in the United States Navy after receiving his commission, Crenshaw participated in the War in Afghanistan as a member of SEAL Team 3. During his third deployment, he had an injury that resulted in the loss of his right eye due to an IED. When Ted Poe announced his retirement in 2018, he was elected to Congress to replace him. He previously worked as Representative Pete Sessions’ legislative assistant.

In response to his warnings about “grifters” and liars among fellow conservatives, including in the House Freedom Caucus, U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Houston, has sparked outrage from some in his party.

One of the Texas congressional delegation’s most prominent members, Crenshaw, requested clarification of his remarks on Thursday that he made at a weekend GOP event in the Houston region.

Crenshaw stated to the GOP podcast “Ruthless” that he wasn’t referring to the Freedom Caucus when he used the terms “grifters and liars.” “I was referring to a broad spectrum of those who are on our side,” the speaker said.

The House’s Freedom Caucus is a group of conservative lawmakers with significant influence in the GOP minority. At least a few Republicans from Texas are represented on it, including Reps. Chip Roy of Austin and Louie Gohmert of Tyler.

The original remarks were delivered by Crenshaw at a Texas Liberty Alliance PAC rally on Sunday in Cypress, and a recording of them went viral after being tweeted by former Republican and Florida attorney Ron Filipkowski. When introducing two congressional candidates, Crenshaw sought to set them apart from “performing artists” in Congress who, in his opinion, only speak to the interests of conservative voters.

In order to further emphasize his point, he said that U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, a well-known GOP opponent of former President Donald Trump, actually supported Trump’s policies more during his first two years in office than “everyone in the Freedom Caucus — all of them.”

Dan Crenshaw Controversy: After Warning About "grifters" and Liars in His Party, Dan Crenshaw Sparks Outrage.

In the video, Crenshaw added, “We have swindlers among us. “In the conservative movement, specifically. Lies upon lies upon lies. since they have psychological insight into the conservative heart. We are concerned about what individuals will do to us and how they will violate our rights.

Defenders of the Freedom Caucus and even Houston radio host Michael Berry, a significant supporter of Crenshaw in his 2018 underdog bid for Congress, denounced the remarks.

Berry tweeted on Tuesday, “No, I don’t endorse [Crenshaw].” “I feel bad about giving him the advantage.”

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On the podcast on Thursday, Crenshaw discussed the Freedom Caucus and said there are “certainly some in there I don’t like, clearly, but for the most part, no.” He later clarified that he was not referring to the caucus in his remarks over the weekend. He commended Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, who serves as the caucus’ vice chair, and continued by stating that he was primarily referring to those who “messaged intentionally erroneously about” recent legislation to enhance the national exchange of immunization data.

In the complete video of Crenshaw’s statements on Sunday, he did in fact mention the vaccine measure, which he and 79 other House Republicans helped enact. The idea, according to Crenshaw, would cut funding and “place guardrails on” immunization databases that do not track Americans individually. Republicans who opposed the bill asserted that it would produce a new vaccine database.

Therefore, Dan Crenshaw added, “you have less money for it and more legal requirements that force you to make the data anonymous.” Therefore, the true query is: Why did so many Republicans vote against it and then tell you lies about it? Grifters.”

Roy, a member of the Texas Freedom Caucus, dismissed the controversy surrounding Crenshaw by claiming that the media “wants to focus on palace intrigue rather than the concerns impacting everyday Americans.”

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Dan and I can agree to disagree on some topics because he’s a dear friend, Roy stated in a statement. “I am confident in standing by my track record and the track record of the Freedom Caucus of successfully defending the interests of the people we represent — including this last week protesting against the draught of our daughters, preventing the dishonorable discharge of our service members, and combating a dangerous [Department of Defense] office of extremism, among other things,” the speaker said.

Crenshaw made the original remarks while sitting next to Wesley Hunt and Morgan Luttrell, two veterans running for Congress in the Houston region who Crenshaw is supporting. Luttrell is competing in a crowded primary to succeed retiring U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady, R-The Woodlands, while Hunt is running for Texas’ newly created 38th District, where he has been the favorite.

The Freedom Caucus debate is especially pertinent to Luttrell’s race. Christian Collins, one of his rivals, has vowed to join the caucus and has already received more than $250,000 in backing from a super PAC connected with the caucus.

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