Unleash the Magic: DanMachi Season 4 Is Available for Streaming

Is It Bad to Attempt to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, also known as DanMachi, is unquestionably a fan-favorite anime and possibly one of the most well-liked fantasy action-adventure series in recent years.

The fourth season of the show debuted on the 2022 Summer schedule, however, this broadcast was actually marketed as a split-season production, with the second half of the season scheduled to air on the 2023 Winter schedule.

So, when will DanMachi, Is It Bad to Attempt to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, season 4 part 2 become available for online streaming everywhere?

Danmachi Season 4 Release Date

danmachi season 4 release date

The news comes from the official website of DanMachi, confirming the release of the second part of the fourth season on January 5th, 2023. Both the anime’s official Twitter account and the show’s website announced the continuation of DanMachi in season 4. While the first cour had just 11 episodes, rumors of a two-hour season began to circulate. The preceding three seasons only featured 12 episodes each, it should be emphasized.

The speculation persisted up until the season’s eleventh episode when DanMachi’s Twitter announced a major announcement following the broadcast.

Yet even before all of this, there were several online rumors and leaks about a potential continuation.

The prominent Twitter handle SugoiLITE, which announced that season 4 will include two courses and 22 episodes on June 12, 2022, was one notable source of anime rumors and leaks. SugoiLITE’s article was confirmed many months later when the creators of DanMachi acknowledged the disclosures.

Hideki Tachibana is in charge of directing DanMachi IV, and J.C. Staff is still in charge of the production. The majority of the previous seasons’ staff members were still running the show, and fresh casts for the new characters joined in the fun.

The fourth season debuted on July 22, 2022, and ran for two seasons total: the first half (named DanMachi IV Deep Chapter: Calamity Arc) ran until September 29, 2022, while the second half (titled DanMachi IV Deep Chapter: Resurrection Arc) ran from January 7 to March 18, 2023. Volumes twelve through fourteen of the light novel are adapted in the fourth season.

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Where to Watch Dan Machi Season 4 Part 2

Danmachi Season 4

The greatest streaming service to view DanMachi IV’s continuation if you’re a fan living outside of Japan is HIDIVE. DanMachi IV Part 2 should continue to broadcast on HIDIVE, an anime streaming service comparable to Crunchyroll since they have tweeted the new key image in support.

One of the several Sentai Filmworks-licensed films that were no longer available on Crunchyroll when Sony Pictures purchased the streaming service in 2021 is DanMachi. The majority of DanMachi’s seasons are also accessible on Netflix, although exclusively in Asian territories.

As of the time this article was written, Netflix also offered the DanMachi film Arrow of the Orion, but exclusively to audiences in Japan and the UK.

On January 5, 2023, ABEMA should make the new episodes available to Japanese viewers. On January 6, 2023, other networks including TOKYO MX and BS11 will begin airing DanMachi.

Dan Machi Season 4 Part 2 Story

Danmachi Season 4

Bell’s travels, which began as a step towards his boyhood fantasy of finding love inside the Dungeon, have grown into an epic quest befitting his ancestry. A 14-year-old aspiring explorer named Bell Cranel visited the city of Orario in order to visit the well-known Dungeon.

Families, groups, or guilds in this metropolis where gods who left the mortal realm bestow favors on their chosen adventurers. New to Orario Bell is conned into joining Hestia’s family by the poor goddess Hestia. Later on, Bell understands that in reality, he was Hestia’s first initiate.

A family tale is thus created. Bell nearly becomes one of the Dungeon’s numerous victims because of how merciless it is. Bell, a talented swordsman who looks up to Ais Wallenstein, is spared from certain death by a more strong minotaur.

Bell makes a promise to catch up to Ais and become a tough adventurer like her after such an uncomfortable meeting. Following Bell’s development from a feeble rookie to an adventurer everyone keeps an eye on, fans have tracked his voyage.

The fourth season of DanMachi is now available, and it is a surprisingly well-written adaptation of the book. The beloved property now has the support of fans who see promise in the DanMachi plot thanks to author Omori’s involvement.

Bell and his team must complete a brand-new mission in the Dungeon’s deep areas in the fourth season. The party runs into a catastrophe towards the conclusion of the first chapter, Labyrinth Arc. Bell and his group’s predicament is shown in the Calamity Arc preview and key image. Bell and Ryu’s struggle against the worst the Dungeon has to offer in its most obscure areas should be the main subject of Season 4, part 2.

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