The Transformation of Darcey and Stacey Before and After Plastic Surgery!

The twin’s startled admirers with their latest operations, which they showcased on social media. Darcey and Stacey used Instagram to upload a series of images in which they were unidentifiable. Darcey shared a post-op selfie of herself and her sister with Dr. Kerim Unal, a Turkish plastic surgeon, on Monday.

The plastic surgeon who operated on them stated on social media that they had “fox eye” surgery, which is a viral treatment that lengthens the eyes.

The cosmetic surgery transformation did not end there.

The TLC siblings also had previous nose jobs fixed, cheek lifts, buccal fat reduction, 360 VASER Liposuction, and boob lifts performed.

The surgeries are referred to collectively as Barbie Touch-up Surgery, as Dr.

Unal mentioned in an Instagram Story post. Darcey seemed pleased with the outcome, posting a selfie of herself on her Instagram Story with the caption “snatched” last week.

Before and After Photos of Darcy and Stacy

darcey and stacey before and after plastic surgery

Darcey and Stacey continue to astound or surprise their admirers with another plastic surgery procedure. Even when people believe it is excessive, the twins continue to have plastic surgery treatments. The recent work Stacey completed around her eyes drew a lot of attention.

The crowd is now wondering if she was addicted to plastic surgery. Darcey and Stacey both look practically unrecognizable following their plastic surgery. They both attempt to ensure that any plastic surgery they undergo is done together because they are twins.

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Darcey and Stacey from 90 Days Spent a Lot of Money on Plastic Surgery in Turkey

darcey and stacey before and after plastic surgery

During season 2 of their spinoff show, the TLC twins, 47, stunned fans by traveling across the globe to Turkey to undergo a “twin metamorphosis.” Darcey stated that they “did a lot of research” before deciding on a clinic.

“We wanted everything elevated up on our bodies,” she stated in July 2021 to Entertainment Tonight. “Everything has just been pulled up. We received a lip lift, a nose lift, and a boob lift, and we got kidnapped in the waist. Everything is a little more sophisticated. We’re feeling lighter.”

While the reality stars most certainly saved money by going overseas for their operations, they still spent a significant amount of money at Comfort Zone Cosmetic Surgery. Package packages are available, including a six-night stay at the all-inclusive recovery center with one guest, all meals, meds, and transportation from the airport, recovery center, and hospitals.

“It was like five-star treatment,” Darcey exclaimed of the clinic. “We’d had surgery in Beverly Hills and Miami before, but this was different for us. And the best experience for us.”

The costs of each surgery undergone by the reality TV stars, converted from GBP to USD: Rhinoplasty ($4,110), breast implants ($3,836), BBL ($4,110), Vaser lipo ($3,836), and other lipo areas including the arms, inner thighs, and chin can be added for an extra $411. The sisters also had lip lifts and the Hollywood Smile veneer package, which cost $6,800.

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Darcey and Stacey’s Full Makeovers Are Believed to Have Cost Them More than $20,000 Each.

darcey and stacey before and after plastic surgery

Some admirers were concerned about the drastic alterations of the Connecticut residents. Following Darcey’s Instagram upload of her new look, a Reddit discussion with the subject “Darcey should’ve stopped with the plastic surgery at the first photo” was launched. She was stunning. It’s really bad she now looks like this.”

“It breaks my heart that she couldn’t realize how gorgeous she was,” one user said. “Blame Tom for this craziness,” someone another commented, referring to Darcey’s ex-boyfriend Tom Brooks. “I am not a plastic surgery hater, but there is a limit and she has gone beyond it. “She was so lovely before she didn’t even need any!

” commented another person.

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From Darcey’s Perspective, They “returned Healed” from Their “spiritual” Adventure.

“I feel like we’re better versions of ourselves, but it starts from within,” she remarked. “And coming there together, as twins, we bonded more, like, it was a whole experience. And I feel like we got confirmation once we left Connecticut because we were seeing all these incredible indicators… We just felt really safe there, we felt the history, we felt released, we felt re-born.”