Alexis Marshall, the Lead Singer of The Band Daughters, Has Been Accused of Rape by Lingua Ignot!

daughters band controversy

An American rock band originating in Providence, Rhode Island called Daughters was formed in 2002. Vocalist Alexis Marshall, guitarist Nicholas Andrew Sadler, drummer Jon Syverson, and bassist Samuel Moorehouse Walker make up the band’s current line-up at this time.

In the beginning, the band was a grindcore band, but it evolved into a noise rock band with each album. The band signed with Ipecac Records in 2018 and released the critically acclaimed album You Won’t Get What You Want, which was named one of the best albums of the year by many critics.

Significant changes have been made from the band’s previous style, which featured more conventional song structures and vocals.

Kristin Hayter of Lingua Ignota Goes Into Detail About Alexis Marshall’s Alleged Abuse of Her Daughters

Kristin Hayter’s Lingua Ignota’s new album Sinner Get Ready, which is both powerful and intense, was released in August. When asked about her relationship with Alexis Marshall from Daughters on Twitter in October, she responded, “Alexis is an abuser… It was something about which I penned a formal report.

He has a well-known reputation in the music industry, and I’m not in the right mental state to deal with this. The truth will come out in due time… I’m not feeling well and have been through a lot of trauma, so I’m working hard to get better.

daughters band controversy

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“I’m tired of staying silent when he’s brought up all the time when I do speak about my experience, but I’m also tired of staying quiet when he’s brought up on Twitter.”

It was announced today that Hayter has released a statement detailing the allegations of sexual abuse she has leveled against Marshall during an interview she gave to the Needle Drop’s Anthony Fantano on Sunday night.

An initial statement summarising my ordeal is followed by a longer statement meticulously detailing my ordeal to the best of my ability. Hayter begins by saying, “Receipts are available upon request.” “From July 2019 to June 2021, I was involved in an abusive relationship with Alexis Marshall. I was subjected to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse that left me scarred for life.

A brief statement summarising the abuse I suffered, followed by a longer statement meticulously outlining my experience to the best of my ability, are both included here. Upon request, receipts will be provided.

From July 2019 to June 2021, I was involved in an abusive relationship with Alexis Marshall. I was subjected to physical, emotional, and verbal abuse, as well as repeated sexual assaults.

Alexis’ fetish for one-sided sex had a profound effect on me. I was repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted while I was sleeping, even after I explicitly stated that this was not acceptable to me.* It was only through deceit, manipulation, and coercion that Alexis was able to get the go-ahead.

I consented to Alexis’s sexual advances despite the fact that I was terrified he would cheat on me or become upset if I didn’t comply. Alexis caused a severe injury to my spine in one instance of objectifying, violent sex, and he didn’t stop when I told him I was hurt. For months, I was in excruciating pain and unable to perform any kind of physical activity.

daughters band controversy

The massive lumbar disc herniation that resulted in the emergency condition known as Cauda Equina Syndrome, which threatened to permanently rob me of my bladder and bowel functions, necessitated surgery to fix the problem.

Even though I was in a coma, Alexis still demanded my undivided attention. Despite my desperate need for his support, Alexis left me just 24 hours before my surgery. The way Alexis cheated on me emotionally and physically throughout our relationship was to destabilize, humiliate, and humiliate me. When confronted with undeniable evidence, he would gaslight me.

To justify his actions, Alexis lied and manipulated repeatedly; he shifted blame, minimized the severity of the situation, denied it, and provoked me to the point where he could label me as aggressive and crazy. To make his actions seem less harmful, he invoked my history of domestic violence against me.

We were estranged from each other because of his resentment toward my professional connections. He cheated me out of money. Everything that went wrong in his life he blamed on me.

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He continued to abuse her even after he completed rehab for sex addiction and began working in a 12-step program, in some ways getting worse. He told falsehoods about his treatment plan. His recovery was used against me and he blamed me for not being able to get better..”

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