Dave Ramsey Controversy: Dave Ramsey Says Raising Rent Does Not Make Him a Bad Christian

American personal finance expert, radio host, author, and businessman David Lawrence Ramsey III was born on September 3, 1960. He is an ardent follower of Christ and the host of the nationally televised radio show The Ramsey Show.

Ramsey hosted a television program on Fox Business from 2007 to 2010 and is the author of numerous books, including the New York Times bestseller The Total Money Makeover.

Early Life


On September 3, 1960, in Nashville, Tennessee, David Lawrence Ramsey III was born. His parents were real estate developers and introduced him to money when he was a small child. When he was 12 years old, his father urged him to launch a business. He, therefore, founded a modest lawn care company.

While a student at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Ramsey began selling real estate after finishing the real estate evaluation when he was 18 years old. He studied for a degree in real estate and finance

When he was 26 years old, he was making a quarter of a million dollars a year and had a $4 million real estate portfolio. Sadly, he had to start over after declaring bankruptcy in 1988.

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Dave Ramsey Controversy

Dave Ramsey Controversy

Dave Ramsey, an outspoken evangelical Christian and host of a personal finance radio show, came under fire on social media on Saturday after he claimed that if tenants at his residential properties are evicted because he increased rental rates to reflect market value, it does not make him “a bad Christian.”

The Ramsey Show, a nationally syndicated three-hour radio program and podcast hosted by Ramsey, is in the news once more due to his comments on tenants who are evicted from properties that he owns as a result of rent increases:

According to Ramsey, who spoke on the radio, “the ratio of the money that they generated to their housing expense displaced them.” I wasn’t the cause of any of that, Due to your excessive claim of responsibility for the current situation, you are not replacing them.

If they must relocate, they will do so to a less expensive home due to financial constraints because they will have to pay market rent.


As well as numerous other properties that we own, I own rental properties and single-family houses. And it does not make me a terrible Christian if I raise my rent to market pricing. If the owner of the residence can no longer afford it, I did not evict them.

Ramsey’s remark sparked enough fury, or at the very least, strong feelings, to make him a hot topic on Twitter on Saturday, garnering more than 5,000 messages about the subject. Several examples

There were some positive remarks as well, like this one from Michael Partyka:

“Being a Christian does not require you to rent out your home at a loss, any more than being a Christian requires you to rent out your labor at a loss.”

Ramsey is not renowned for having empathy for the issues of the typical person. In December, he was sued for pressuring his company’s staff to ignore COVID-19 work-from-home directives and show up in person to gatherings of more than 900 people where they were urged not to wear masks or keep a safe distance from one another.

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Evangelical Christian bestselling author and media tycoon Ramsey claimed in a lawsuit that employees at his Franklin, Tennessee-based company, Ramsey Solutions, who preferred to work from home rather than in the office were weak-spirited.

Brad Amos, who filed the federal workplace discrimination lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Nashville, claimed in the lawsuit that he had requested to work from home out of worry about workplace coronavirus transmission because he has a young son with Coats’ disease, an uncommon condition that can restrict blood and oxygen to the retina. He claimed that his wife is also at high risk and has a “predisposition for pneumonia.”


After spending several years getting his finances back on track, Ramsey started giving couples financial counseling at his church. He established the Lampo Group, a firm that provides financial consulting, in 1988. In 1992, he wrote and self-published his first book, Financial Peace.

In 1992, Ramsey joined a rotating cast of three hosts for the radio show The Money Game on WWTN/Nashville. Later on, the program changed its name to The Dave Ramsey Show, which is Ramsey’s daily, three-hour call-in financial guidance talk program.

In 1994, Ramsey released Financial Peace University, a nine-lesson, $129.99 video-based personal finance education. The Gannett newspaper group published Ramsey’s financial column, but they discontinued it after learning that Ramsey had changed the names on the letters he was responding to. He proposed giving them their cash back. From 2007 to 2010, Fox Business Network broadcast The Dave Ramsey Show.

Ramsey Solutions replaced The Lampo Group, Inc. as the company’s name in 2014.

The company’s corporate offices are in Franklin, Tennessee, and a brand-new campus on 47 acres there debuted in 2019.

Ramsey has authored six novels for kids and five books for adults, three of which were New York Times bestsellers. 2015 saw his induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

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Personal Life

Ramsey, an evangelistic Christian, considers himself to be conservative in both his views on money and society.

The Ramseys have three children: Denise (Ramsey) Whittemore, Rachel (Ramsey) Cruze, and Daniel Ramsey. Ramsey wed his wife Sharon in 1982.

All three are employees of Ramsey Solutions. Cruze co-authored the 2014 New York Times No. 1 bestseller Smart Money, Smart Kids with Ramsey.

He lived in his custom-built house in the Nashville, Tennessee, region for more than ten years until selling it for $10.2 million in 2021. He was having another house built nearby, according to a spokeswoman.

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