David Venable’s Illness Revealed: A Remarkable Journey of Strength and Overcoming

American television personality, cookbook author, and QVC host David Venable is well-known. He was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, on November 12, 1964. Venable studied at the University of North Carolina, where he received degrees in journalism, radio, television, and film.

In North Carolina, Venable began his career as a reporter and news anchor for a regional NBC station. He joined QVC in 1993, where he quickly rose to fame as one of the network’s most well-known and recognizable hosts. Venable is popular among QVC viewers due to his friendly demeanor and depth of culinary knowledge.

David Venable Illness

david venable illness

American celebrity chef, author, and television broadcaster David Venable is well known for his outstanding work as the host of QVC’s “In the Kitchen with David” series. He was born in 1964 in Charlotte, North Carolina, and later completed his higher education there, earning a degree in radio, television, and motion pictures.

David started his career as a news anchor and reporter after graduating and worked for several regional television stations until joining QVC in 1993. He has established himself as a household celebrity over time thanks to his distinctive culinary abilities, endearing demeanor, and capacity for audience engagement.

Although there have been worries about David’s health, there is no information to suggest that he has any illnesses. David, however, disclosed that due to his family history and weight gain, his doctor had warned him about his high risk of acquiring diabetes and heart disease. He was so instructed to shed 40 pounds by December 21, 2022.

Despite his health issues, David continues to motivate millions of people with his mouthwatering dishes, helpful culinary advice, and friendly demeanor. Among the cookbooks he has written are “Back Around the Table,” “Comfort Food Shortcuts,” and “In the Kitchen with David: QVC’s Resident Foodie Presents Comfort Foods That Take You Home.”

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What Happened to “In the Kitchen with David on QVC”?


Since 2009, David Venable has hosted In the Kitchen with David, a QVC show where he gives fans advice on upscale goods. To the dismay of fans, QVC substituted an all-day fashion event for the show on the weekend. Venable has reassured viewers that the show will stay on QVC and won’t be canceled, though.

Venable, as usual, pushed the program on social media, but she hasn’t said whether it would return on QVC2. Fans can relax knowing that QVC will continue to carry In the Kitchen with David.

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Why is “In the Kitchen with David on QVC2” Today?

david venable illness

Popular host David Venable was recently shifted from the main QVC channel to QVC2, changing the programming of QVC. David may have lost some of his customary enthusiasm and vigor due to the channel switch or other causes, as several viewers have seen. The adjustment might have occurred because QVC was pushing products from their clearance sale on Mother’s Day.

Some viewers, meanwhile, are concerned that this might turn into a recurrent event and that David would not appear on the main channel as frequently as he once did. For many viewers, Sunday programming with David has been a long-standing tradition, so the changes have made them uneasy. Although there is no obvious explanation for the modifications, QVC has not yet done so. If any new information is made available, we will update our website.

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Where is “In the Kitchen with David” Today?

The absence of In the Kitchen with David host David Venable from his regularly scheduled episode on September 11, 2022, worried fans. Later on, it was learned that the show had been shifted to QVC2 since the main QVC channel was hosting a special all-fashion event. The program has previously been shifted to special programming. According to QVC, they occasionally rearrange or change their static shows to make room for unique programming themes.