Daymond John of Shark Tank Requests a Restraining Order Against Former Reality Show Businesspeople

John is requesting a restraining order against competitors who claim he stole their winnings. A temporary restraining order is being sought by Daymond John against three former Shark Tank contestants.

The owners of Bubba Q’s Boneless Baby Back Ribs, Al “Bubba” Baker, Sabrina Baker, and Brittani Baker, claim that John tried to take over the company and cut them out of the earnings.

In response to their alleged efforts “to undermine a business partnership and the legal parameters, they agreed to four years ago,” John, 54, is now considering legal action, according to a statement from his publicist Zach Rosenfield to PEOPLE.

“After numerous attempts to allow the Bakers to make amends for their breaches. It is regrettable that things have reached this point, Rosenfield said in the statement.

“The Baker’s brazen efforts to sabotage a commercial partnership and the legal restrictions they agreed to four years ago are the reason for this interim restraining order. It is no longer acceptable for them to think that defamatory social media posts and articles can make up for bad business decisions.

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Daymond John of Shark Tank requests a restraining order against former reality show businesspeople.

As they pitched their pre-cooked boneless baby back ribs, the Bakers made their television debut in 2013 on the program. Since then, they have asserted that John’s $300,000 offer for 30% of the business was changed off-air to $100,000 for 35%.

A recent L.A. Times article focused on the family, who claimed that John was trying to take over the company and raised various issues with their business partnership with John and the producer Rastelli Foods Group.

The family asserts that Al Baker was excluded from important business meetings and that they got about 4% of the company’s publicly reported $16 million in revenue. The Bakers have also published a number of videos on social media in an effort to provide emails and other documentation to support their accusations.

A federal judge in New Jersey dismissed a case without prejudice, and according to the Times, Rastelli has begun the process of requesting a restraining order against the Bakers.

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Daymond John of Shark Tank requests a restraining order against former reality show businesspeople.

John sent the family a cease-and-desist letter after the Times report, which he called a “flawed interview” and a “false narrative” in a TikTok video. The letter demanded they stop “making publicly disparaging or defamatory remarks against Plaintiffs, and further, cease publicly revealing Confidential Information,” according to the publication.

According to John, the fundamental problem with this situation is that the journalist “did not understand business as well as I would have liked her to.”
The family claimed in a letter to the judge that John and Rastelli’s actions have resulted in “irreparable harm, particularly as the time on our patent is running out,” according to the Times.

In their statement, they said that “sharing our experience on social media is an honest and truthful account of our journey.” We sincerely think that the public is served by telling the truth.