DC Comics Logo History and Evolution!

dc comics logo history

DC Comics has a rich history. Since its inception in the early 1930s as National Allied Publications, the firm has grown from a publisher of anthology tabloid comics to one of the industry’s major publishers, with world-famous characters such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern linked to its name. Of all, every good firm, including DC Comics, requires a distinct brand and logo.

The firm didn’t change its name to DC Comics until 1977, but “DC” has been a component of its emblem since 1940. Let’s take a look at the evolution of one of the most well-known logos, which is now associated with prominent superheroes.

The History of the DC Comics Logo

DC stands for Detective Comics, which was the original name of the renowned Batman series, and its basic yet colourful and distinctive emblem, which we all know today, is the result of multiple redesigns done during the course of DC Comics’ eighty-year existence.

1940 – 1942

dc comics logo history
The first logo, which appeared on the cover of the Batman issue in 1940, was a white circular emblem with wide double borders around the perimeter, with “A Publication” lettering in all capitals in a rounded sans-serif typeface around the circle. The “DC” inscription was put in the middle of the emblem on a smaller circle in an outlined serif font.

1942 -1949

dc comics logo history
The main modification to the insignia in 1942 was the wording around its frame, which now contained “A Superman Publication” in the same rounded sans-serif. The outlines of the “DC” monogram in the middle were smoothed and strengthened, and the writing was given a subtle black shadow.

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1949 – 1970

In 1948, the “Superman” part of the wordmark and the “DC” in the centre were coloured red, while the bottom black half of the wordmark consisted of “National Comics” in black.

Two bold black dots now divided the two portions of the arched inscription, and the primary monogram was given a thicker and more robust typeface with a strong character and enormous outlines.

1970 – 1972

dc comics logo historyThe DC Comics visual identity was redesigned in 1979, with a fancy Superman image. The brand had its “DC Superman” wordmark in a yellow rectangle banner put under the logo, which was drawn in his distinctive blue and red outfit and placed on a solid black circular background.

1972 – 1974

dc comics logo history

The new logo debuted in 1972, and it had a modern and minimalist style with a bold customised “DC” lettering inside a white circle with a thin black outline. The letters were designed in a geometric sans-serif typeface with many angles and strong lines, making them look powerful and futuristic, while the new red, white, and black colour palette emphasised the passion, energy, and humour.

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1974 – 1976

dc comics logo history

In 1975, the logo was updated by adding extra writing to the badge’s perimeter and changing the colour. The “DC” monogram was now blue, while “The Line of Superstars” was red in bold sans-serif. Two large red five-pointed stars divided two sections of the writing.

1976 – 2005

dc comics logo history

The monochromatic symbol, which was established by the corporation in 1976 and lasted over thirty years, had a small white circle on a larger black circle. The black half of the emblem had four white five-pointed stars, while the “DC” wordmark was set diagonally on a white background with a thin double black and white outline. Milton Glaser created the iconic and powerful logo, which is now instantly recognisable around the world.

2005 – 2012

Josh Beatman and Richard Bruning redesigned the DC Comics logo in 2005, giving it a fresh perspective and making it sleek and modern. Two “DC” letters in a smooth blue outline were set on an oval swirl in two shades of blue, with a white star on the bottom section, in the new logo. The new tender colour palette appeared light and clear, and the slightly emphasised lettering and swirl created a sense of movement and advancement.

2012 – 2016

Landor Associates designed the logo in 2012, which included a bold black letter “C” overlapping a stylized gradient blue “D” that was flipped like a magazine page. The “DC Comics” wordmark was positioned in two layers beneath the new elegant logo in all capitals in a medium-weight sans-serif typeface.

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2016 – Today

dc comics logo history

In 2016, the company redesigned its logo, enlisting the help of Pentagram, one of the most recognised design firms. The new badge had a sharp styled “DC” writing enclosed in a small frame, similar to the 1970s logo design. The new badge’s light blue and white colour scheme look fresh and bright, creating a progressive and vibrant feeling.


The wordmark is written in all caps in a bold bespoke serif typeface with distinct recognised lines and whimsical contours on the inside of both letters. Sharp, delicate curves represent energy, invention, and bravery.

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