Define who your brand is with Archetypes!

Knowing how to talk to your customer is an essential step for you to win them over.

For this, there are different methods that help you, first, get to know the consumer, so that you can then find the best way to approach it. This includes issues such as audience segmentation and persona.

However, even if we know who the customer is, it is essential that we try to answer a simple question: how does my customer see the world?

As philosophical as it may seem, this is the golden question that will help you discover the Archetype of your company’s brand.

It is important to help you understand how your customer speaks, acts and, most relevantly, what is the personality of your business and your customer.

With this information collected, you’ll find that talking, conquering and converting your audience will be no more than a simple task.

Come and learn everything you need about this subject!

What is Archetype?

We can understand the archetypes as being pre-established personalities that help us to direct strategies, communications and actions, whether of a company, person or whatever.

Per month s we are bringing archetypes to the field of digital marketing and business, it is present in every field imaginable. So, let’s go with a simple example so that you understand its applicability.

Imagine a character from a movie or book with the following characteristics: he or she is brave, fearless and faces all the dangers he or she encounters. This character developed his strength over time, but he was always destined to change the world.

Who did you think about?

It could have been Harry Potter, Spider-Man, Luke Skywalker, Moana or any other characters, because what matters here is that we understand that all of these were built upon a single archetype: the hero.

These personalities go to us help, then, to develop basic characteristics for our company and public, so that, based on them, we can shape our particularities.

Thus, archetypes are essential for those who want to build a strong and win the attention of your consumers.

Types of Archetypes

The archetypes we use in marketing were developed based on studies done by Carl Jung, who found 200 different personalities.

However, let’s comment here only the 3 most important for that you can get an idea of ​​how these archetypes are used. If you want to know more about the subject and find out what your brand’s personality is, access this complete content that we’ve separated for you!

Without further ado, let’s go to Archetypes.

The Hero

As we mentioned in our previous example, the hero archetype is one of the most important and that we see around. He is brave, hardworking and ready to face challenges.

A company that uses this archetype must always seek to overcome, focusing on improving even more. Likewise, it is her role to encourage her clients to do the same.

Because it brings all this aura of conquest and victory, this is an archetype represented by the image of a superhero.

    Some brands that carry this personality are Nike, Adidas and even the Armed Forces themselves.

    The Creator

    The Creator Archetype, on the other hand, is one that seeks innovation and does not let a simple obstacle stop it. He is ingenious and creative and always has a new idea in mind.

    This personality is attributed to companies that want to make their mark in the world and appreciate that their audience can conquer a place as big as .

    Another characteristic that this archetype carries is always seeking and sharing knowledge, so that new ideas can emerge. Companies associated with the Creator are Lego, Sony and Apple.

    The Regular Guy

      Finally, we also brought the archetype of the common guy to show that personalities encompass any type of company, not having to keep in mind great deeds, such as the hero, to stand out.

      This archetype carries as its greatest characteristics the practicality, humility and accessibility for its audience. He is sociable, friendly and someone who can always be counted on to lend a helping hand.

      So, his focus when it comes to companies is quality and not quantity. Some brands that identify themselves as the Regular Guy are Havaianas, Budweiser and Hering.


        Archetypes are essential for anyone who wants to develop a strong and recognized brand in the market.

        Developing your personality helps you understand and approach customers in the right way, making you much more than a company, but the first choice when they need help!

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