The Injury That Made Famous Journalist ‘Deirdre Bolton’ Take A Break For Almost A Year!

Who Is Deirdre Bolton?

Deirdre Bolton was born on 1 June 1964 in Newtown, PA in the United States. She attended the University of Iowa, where she graduated in English and French literature in 1993.

deirdre bolton illness

She also went to New York University, where she received her Master’s degree. This beauty with brains also has extraordinary financial accountability. She first began working at the International Bank. A few years later, she left the banking sector to pursue a career in journalism.

On 31 January 2014, Deirdre accepted the job offer from FOX Business Network (FBN), and got the position of host of the business-related show entitled “Risk & Reward”.

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Bolton’s Injury

Bolton had an accident while playing baseball with her family on a calm weekend day. She didn’t mention what exactly happened to her, but in 2017 she had to take a big break from her work to recover.

deirdre bolton illness

Her absence was truly felt like many of her fans wondered how a journalist of her caliber could simply disappear from the media spotlight. During her absence, she was represented by other news anchors.

She eventually returned to host her own show on Fox. Within just a few months, however, she was once again substituted by Elizabeth MacDonald. According to her IMDb page, she last appeared on the news program in the fall of 2017. While the show has continued to run since then, Bolton herself has not made an appearance in many episodes.

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Her Return To Work

When Deirdre was finally allowed back to work, she returned to her duties at FBN. She covered many financial stories and reports, including interviewing Christina Romer, Chief Economist to the former President Barack Obama etc.

deirdre bolton illness

She has also worked with notable people as Richard Clarida, the PIMCO Strategic advisor, and David Rubenstein, the co-founder of Carlyle Group (a financial services corporation which specializes in real assets, corporate private equity, investments and global credit).

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Deirdre also interviewed other popular financial newsmakers, such as Bill Ackman (CEO of Pershing Square Capital), Gary Parr (Chairman at Lazard Vice) and Wilbur Ross, one of the wealthiest investors in the world.

As of now, Bolton is working as an ABC correspondent. She joined ABC in the year 2020.