Demi Lovato Teases ‘Substance’ New Single from Upcoming Album Holy Fvck!

Demi Lovato continues to release hit after hit! The singer offered their Instagram followers an early listen to their new track “Substance,” which is scheduled to release on July 15. The singer’s eighth studio album, HOLY FVCK, will be released next month.

SUBSTANCE Pre-Save Now for July 15th. The image, which has a video of them lip-syncing to the song in the second slide and the track’s cover art on the first, was simply captioned by Lovato, 29.

“Substance” was made available after “Skin of My Teeth,” the debut song by HOLY FVCK. Both songs have a punk-rock vibe that is different from Lovato’s usual pop style and can be heard in their earlier work.

They croon in the new song, “I’m aware that we are all utterly worn out. Is it just me, or have we all gone crazy? I therefore wonder, “Am I the only one seeking substance?” On August 19, HOLY FVCK will be made available through Island Records.

Earlier this month, when the album’s pre-order in CD, vinyl, and cassette formats was revealed, Lovato said, “The process of making this album has been the most satisfying yet, and I’m grateful to my fans and partners for being on this trip with me.”

Demi Lovato Teases 'Substance' New Single from Upcoming Album Holy Fvck!

It’s their first full-length album since Dancing with the Devil… The Art of Starting Over from 2021, and they said of the upcoming 16-track album, “Never have I been more sure of myself and my music, and this record says that for itself.”

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The statement added, “Thank you to my Lovatics who have been rocking out with me since the beginning and those who are just now coming along for the trip.” “This song is for you,” it says.

Lovato announced a fall tour in support of HOLY FVCK with special guests DEAD SARA and Royal & The Serpent shortly after the album was revealed.

After a four-year hiatus from touring, and even longer since I last performed in South America, Lovato declared, “I’m really happy to get back on the road.” “I can’t wait to see my fans in person to celebrate this new music,” I said. “We’re working so hard to provide a fantastic event for all my fans.”

On their Instagram Story, the “Stone Cold” singer gave fans a preview of what was to come by writing that they were “very pleased” with the new album. Being moved to tears when listening to their new CD since they were so proud of it. It’s the greatest I’ve ever done, and it perfectly captures who I am now and where I came from.

I’m so grateful I’m no longer in that low, cold, and lonely place. I’m sure that no matter what happens in my life…my happy ending is never having to fall into old habits again. Yesterday I posted a song called “Happy Ending,” and even though I wrote this in an incredibly dark place, I’m grateful I’m no longer there.

After they posted a picture in January with numerous friends dressed in black, the celebrity suggested that the release would mark the beginning of a new era for them. Lovato captioned the image, which showed them flashing the camera two middle fingers, “A funeral for my pop music.” They later revealed to Rolling Stone that their new sound will have some “heaviness” for the audience.

Demi Lovato Teases 'Substance' New Single from Upcoming Album Holy Fvck!

They declared, “It’s a new period that reminds me of my first era.” “I’m constantly evolving and changing. For this upcoming album, I’d like to start over in this new period, leaving the rest of my music in the past, but I do that with every album cycle.”

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