Denim Bradshaw’s Cause Of Death Revealed- Let’s Take A Quick Glance!

A 14-year-old cowboy who died on Saturday while participating in his first rodeo bull ride is being remembered for his bravery.

According to a Stokes County EMS representative who spoke to the Winston-Salem Journal, Denim Bradshaw was thrown from the animal and found on the floor of the arena at an American Legion post in King, North Carolina, experiencing cardiac arrest.

Read the article till the end and know more about Denim Bradshaw and his cause of death.

Who Is Denim Bradshaw?

Denim Bradshaw, the teen who passed away after being bucked off a bull, is characterized as funny and fearless by a family friend.

“He always had a smile on his face, and it moved from one side to the other. Due to the fact that he always appeared happy, you could never tell how he really felt “Jessica Pitt said.

Bradshaw is just down the street from Pitt and her family. She claimed that he was eager to take part in the bull riding competition.

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What Happened To Denim?

“My husband actually texted him at 6:30 and told him we would be there to watch him next time and regrettably we won’t be able to do that,” recalled Pitt.

Last Saturday, the incident took place at the Rafter K Rodeo.

The 14-year-old, according to rodeo attendees, was bucked off the bull. The bull trampled on his chest as soon as he came to rest on the arena floor. He allegedly experienced a cardiac arrest and passed away at the hospital.

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What Is His Mother Saying?

The boy’s mother, Shannon Bowman, wrote on Facebook on Sunday, “I’m so proud of your bravery and your courage!” “My little cowboy, I love and miss you so much and I know God will watch over you,” the speaker said.

The family explained how Denim’s love for the activity resulted in the tragic incident on a GoFundMe page.

According to the post, “Denim ventured into the world of bull riding and fell in love.” He adored everything, including the boots, the cowboy hats, and the large belt buckles.

On January 28, he was given the opportunity to ride his first bull, and his excitement was evident. We are all beyond devastated because none of us could have imagined that his death would result from his first ride. We are now lost without our sweet 14-year-old boy who passed away during the most thrilling experience of his brief life.

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denim bradshaw cause of death


In a Facebook post, The Rafter K. Rodeo Co. expressed sympathy to Bradshaw’s friends and family. It said, “Our sport is truly a family, and we are so appreciative of everyone who was there to help.

“We are grateful for the hard work that our on-site EMTs, paramedics, and law enforcement do to care for the cowboys. Words are inadequate to express the tragedy of this event or the sorrow this loss has caused. We kindly ask everyone to unite in prayer for his family’s comfort and healing during this trying time “said the post.