Despite Her Guilty Plea, Jen Shah Is Still Filming Rhoslc, a Source Claims!

According to PEOPLE, Jen Shah will keep letting the cameras record her legal troubles. The 48-year-old reality actress will continue to appear in the forthcoming third season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City despite her Monday guilty plea to wire fraud charges.

According to a source speaking exclusively to PEOPLE, “She’s had Meredith [Marks] and Heather [Gay] at her side, who have been really supportive of their buddy through a terrible time.” Jen’s legal issues have undoubtedly been difficult for her, let alone choosing to enter a guilty plea.

The insider goes on to say that this case is “a very major part of Jen’s story.” The insider continues, “Producers don’t want us to quit following it right now. “As they did with Teresa [Giudice], they’ll keep filming with her for as long as they can.”

In November 2020, Shah joined the cast of RHOSLC on a full-time basis. The drama surrounding her suspected telemarketing plan took up a big portion of her storyline in the second season of the Bravo hit.

In March 2021, she and her aide Stuart Smith were detained on suspicion of using a massive fraud scheme to target specific people. They were accused of conspiring to launder money and to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing on one count each.

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Smith, 43, first entered a not guilty plea along with Shah, but later that year, he changed his plea to guilty. Smith hasn’t received a sentence yet.

Despite Her Guilty Plea, Jen Shah Is Still Filming Rhoslc, a Source Claims!

Shah had maintained her innocence up until Monday when she stood before Judge Sidney H. Stein in a New York court and entered a plea of guilty. “Wire fraud, promising services with little to no value,” the reality star revealed.

“Emails and international phone calls were used. I was aware that many of the buyers were older than 55, “She said, according to a thread on Twitter started by Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press. I’m truly sorry.

Shah will not go on trial as a result of her guilty plea. Additionally, she was accused of conspiring to conduct wire fraud on one count in relation to telemarketing. Still, a possibility is a maximum sentence of up to 30 years in prison.

“Ms. Shah is a decent woman who erred. She sincerely regrets hurting anyone and accepts full responsibility for her conduct “Priya Chaudhry, an attorney, told PEOPLE.

The attorney stated, “Ms. Shah is also apologetic for failing her husband, children, family, friends, and supporters.” Jen entered a guilty plea because she wanted to make amends to society and put her and her family’s experiences behind them. The punishment for Shah is due on November 28.

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