10 Discord Easter Eggs for Every Discord User

1. Discordo

Click the Discord logo in the upper left corner of the screen fifteen times to reveal this easter egg. Verify that the volume on your device is on. This will activate the sound effect “DISCORDO.” Every time you launch the app, the DISCORDO sound will be played. To turn off the Discord app’s introductory sound, click the Discord icon fifteen times.

The Discord online version and desktop software both have this easter egg. doesn’t function with the mobile app.

2. Music Arrows

discord easter egg

There are several keyboard shortcuts available in Discord for navigating the app. To view a list of those shortcuts, press Ctrl+/ (or if you’re on a Mac, Cmd+/). A pop-up window displaying all of the shortcuts that Discord supports will open. Here, you may play music on your keyboard by using the arrow keys. Enjoy yourself while gaining new knowledge.

Arrows of Music Discord Discord has an Easter egg.

3. Raging Demon

discord easter egg

The keyboard shortcuts pop-up for Discord has a secret easter egg. Use the keyboard shortcut keys Ctrl+/ or Cmd+/ to access the shortcuts. Press H H → N K once the pop-up window appears. You’ll see an animated ferocious demon with the Chinese character “SKY” displayed.

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Easter Egg with a Raging Demon on Discord

4. Nitro Confetti

Discord will broadcast a notification in the chatbox to all users when someone enhances the server. Confetti appears when you hover over the Nitro icon in that notice. Wampus will show up in one of the four corners and start tossing additional confetti if you keep doing this.

5. SNEK – Snake Game

There would be a blue button next to the hamster on Discord if you were searching for anything and ended up on a 404 page. To begin playing a hidden game, click on it.

discord easter egg

Another method to start the game is to hit the following keys in the following sequence when you are on the 404 Discord page: ⏞ ↑↑↓←→←→BA. This will launch the same SNEK game on Discord.

discord easter egg

6. This Insanity

To access the Discord notification settings, navigate to your Discord server settings and scroll down. This Insanity link is located here. Give it a click. You’ll be taken to a YouTube video where an iPhone with millions of Discord alerts is displayed.

7. Take b1nzy to Space

Although there are a lot of stages in this one, there is a neat hidden easter egg.

Go to Discord.com/developers/applications. Next, choose Documentation from the left sidebar, then scroll down to select Rate Limits. Navigate down the page till you come to this text ⏤ It should be noted that this answer will contain the standard rate-limiting headers. The following is how the rate-limiting answer will seem.

There’s a blue colon at the conclusion of the statement. Give it a click.

It will bring up a website with a cat riding on a rocket to space along with some cat music. There you have it, the easter egg.

discord easter egg

8. Super Rare Ringtone

You are not able to customize the default Discord ringtone that plays when someone calls you on Discord. However, the likelihood of receiving a different ringtone is 1 in 1000. With some additional music and percussion, the Discord ringtone is essentially the same. You can only discover this by calling Discord many times till you receive a new ringtone.

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9. Special Ringtone for Halloween

Discord modifies the ringtone for Halloween each year. To use it, hold off until Halloween, then use Discord to make calls to hear the exclusive Halloween ringtone. Alternatively, you may listen to the Discord Halloween Ringtone immediately by searching for it on YouTube.

10 . Banana Empathy

Discord will display the “No results found” page with a picture of a magnifying glass if it is unable to locate the message you are looking for. However, there’s a potential that it will display a different message instead, saying “No results found.” A banana graphic with the words “Empathy banana is here for you.”