Dixie D’amelio’s Performance Is Ended Because She Had a Seizure on Stage!

Dixie D’Amelio experienced a serious health scare on stage while performing in Chicago on July 7. The TikTok celebrity tweeted an explanation of what transpired.

I unintentionally turned off the moving lights at tonight’s Chicago performance and immediately became really ill, she wrote. I tried to finish the performance but ultimately chose to leave the stage and visit a doctor.

“I wanted to let you all know what happened and that I’m fine. I’m sorry I couldn’t finish my set, but I’m fine now. Thank you for your kind words and support. Twitter was used to import this content. On their website, you might be able to discover the same material in a different format or more details.

The actress has previously been transparent about her health difficulties, stating that she experiences “psychogenic non-epileptic seizures” (aka seizures caused by psychological factors). Dixie claimed that despite her best efforts, she encountered “problems with flashes and strobe lights” during her concert in Chicago.

Twitter users instantly wished D’Amelio well and expressed their affection for the artist in the Tweet thread. One supporter commented, “We love you so much, dix. Get well soon,” while other users agreed that Dixie’s health should come before her performances.

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Despite her medical scare, Dixie seems to be coping well with her tour life. She just posted a photo carousel on Instagram with images of her eating an ice cream cone in Norwalk, Connecticut, boarding a plane, and visiting Six Flags Great Adventure.

This is our love letter to Dixie’s strappy bikini choice! Dixie has more than demonstrated her influence on TikTok as well as her AH-mazing sense of style, and she is now breaking into the music industry with the release of her first album, a letter to me, in June 2022.

Dixie D'amelio's Performance Is Ended Because She Had a Seizure on Stage!

She just revealed that fans would have the opportunity to appear in her future music video for the song “Someone to Blame,” teaming with the app Videoleap by Lightricks to make the appearance happen. She is presently on tour with Big Time Rush for their “Forever” tour.

We hope you take some time to relax and refresh, Dix, with all of these great things happening! Take this as our formal “Get well soon” card.

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