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Do you want to be more productive? Razer has the perfect solutions!

Razer has lifted the veil on a new line of productivity-oriented products, consisting of the Pro Type Ultra keyboard and the Pro Click Mini mouse. Unlike the vast majority of the brand’s offerings, this keyboard and mouse are not aimed at video game fans, but rather at a professional audience looking to combine comfort with elegance.

One of the key aspects of Razer’s new Pro product range is the inclusion of the Productivity Dongle which uses the proprietary HyperSpeed ​​technology, allowing the Pro Type Ultra and Pro Click Mini to be connected to the same hub. This way, you’ll only need to sacrifice one of your computer’s USB ports.

The Pro line places special emphasis on the silent operation of peripherals, something that may be more pleasing to those who prefer to work in free environments noise and without the hassle of mechanical keys or high feedback buttons.

Razer Pro Click MiniRazer


The Razer Pro Click Mini mouse is a smaller version of its brother Pro Click, featuring silent switches with an expected lifetime of 20 million clicks.

Razer’s 5G Advanced optical sensor allows performance with above-average accuracy – update rate of 1000 Hz, 12000 DPI and acceleration 20 G – with the HyperScroll wheel allowing the use of two modes that fit the needs of each user.

Powering this Pro Click Mini are 2 AA batteries, the mouse only needs one of them to work. With both batteries installed, you will have 465 hours of battery life with the 2.4 GHz USB dongle or up to 1000 hours if you choose a Bluetooth connection.

Razer Pro Type Ultra

The Pro Type Ultra keyboard, in turn, represents an evolutionary leap over the Pro Type model, being able to operate with wires while recharging. A synthetic leather wrist rest is also included in the box to provide greater comfort for longer work sessions.

The new Razer keyboard was also designed with silence in mind, so it features silent switches with a soft material cover. What’s more, these keys are backlit in white so you can use it even when lighting conditions aren’t ideal.

Razer warrants that the Pro Type Ultra is able to deliver 207 hours of autonomy when operating connected to the 2.4 GHz USB dongle, and a connection via Bluetooth increases the battery by 7 hours. Of course, if the backlight is used at its maximum level, the autonomina drops to just 11 hours.

Regarding prices, the Pro Click Mini mouse costs €100.99 while the Pro Type Ultra keyboard stands for €169.100.

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