You All Are in For a Good Time: Beyond Brenda Gantt’s Cookbook

Brenda Gantt is renowned for being everyone’s favorite Southern grandmother and social media sweetie. When she posted her cooking video online, the endearing and lovable woman became the talk of the town. She instantly rose to fame and is now a well-known figure on a global scale. Let’s discuss everything, including the Brenda Gantt cookbook, her professional background, her family, and more!

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Who Is Brenda Gantt?

does brenda gantt have cancer

1947 saw the birth and upbringing of Brenda Gantt in Northport, Alabama. When she was four years old, her family relocated to Tuscaloosa, and in 1965, she earned her high school diploma.

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She afterward went to Livingston State University to get her teaching bachelor’s degree.

She worked as a science instructor in the Tuscaloosa County School System after graduating. She moved to Covington County in 1968 after getting married, where she taught until she retired.

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She not only enjoyed teaching but also cooked.

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Amazon’s Brenda Gantt Cookbook

does brenda gantt have cancer

It offers recipes, anecdotes, photographs, and even spiritual guidance on how to live a normal life. It is really unique. This book is truly priceless! Karyn M. (customer review on

You must purchase Brenda Gantt’s cookbook if you wish to try her recipes. Since the book’s initial publication, it has been a bestseller.

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As previously indicated, “It’s Gonna Be Good Y’all” was published in November of 2021, sold out immediately, and was then reissued in 2022.

This cookbook is more than simply Brenda Gantt recipes; it’s also a love letter to her beautiful children Dallas and Hannah, as well as to their partners and offspring. The book is also chock-full of pictures, mementos, and entertaining family anecdotes.

You will also find some of Brenda Gantt’s cookbook recipes in this book, such as her versions of chicken and dumplings, Big Mama’s macaroni and cheese, warm potato salad, fried okra, squash Alabama, orange slice cake, and chocolate fudge pie.

“It’s Gonna Be Good Y’all” is Brenda’s way of encouraging you to join her in her kitchen by tying on your favorite apron, and it is full of useful tips. In relation to the book’s title, just so you know, Brenda is the one who came up with it. When cooking, she always uses the phrase with enthusiasm.

One hundred of Brenda Gantt’s most loved recipes, including dishes for breakfast, dinner, and supper as well as sides, snacks, and desserts, are included in this booklet. You will feel as though you are in Mrs. Brenda’s colorful kitchen because each dish is written.

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Brenda Gantt: Does She Have Cancer?

Brenda Gantt is a cancer survivor. She overcame having breast cancer in both breasts and through two difficult back operations. She loved her spouse and treated him like a king. She is quite resilient thanks to her life experiences. She is suddenly content and stress-free, feeling like the luckiest woman in the entire world.

The Family and Husband of Brenda

does brenda gantt have cancer

Brenda’s late spouse was George Patton Gantt. They were married and had a 50-year joyful marriage. He sadly passed away in 2018 at the age of 72. They blessed Brenda with five grandchildren as a result of their union, which produced two lovely children who are now raising their own families.

On April 6, 1946, George Gantt was born in Andalusia. Mary Ann Carter, Kyle, Caton, and the late Joe Gantt are his other three siblings. George graduated from Andalusian High School in 1964. He had a reputation as a versatile athlete throughout high school.

He attended Livingston University to study business. The two later met at the same university, which is where everything began. While in college, George dated Brenda; as was already established, they later got married.

George enlisted in the US Marine Corps soon after their wedding. George began his career in police enforcement after being released from the Marines.

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He was employed by the Alabama Beverage Control Board as a result (ABC).

He became the leader and director of ABC as a result of his commitment to his career. He left his job after 25 years of arduous labor.

He ran Hickory Ridge Lodge after he retired. On the other side, he also collaborated with Sweetgum Bottom Antiques. George and Brenda have both cherished collecting antiques for a very long time. They co-owned a garden as well.

For your information, George Patton Gantt spent 30 years instructing Sunday School.

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The Career of Brenda Gantt

does brenda gantt have cancer

As soon as she had her degree from Livingston State University, her career began. She began her career teaching science before retiring. She had loved cooking, though, since she was a young girl, even before she started school.

She often assisted her mother in the kitchen, and her mother never voiced any complaints. Brenda actually served as her mother’s motivation for cooking delicious meals.

In 2020, she shared a Facebook video of herself baking cookies while holding her phone, which marked the beginning of her ascent to fame. Even Brenda herself found this unexpected at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. She was only engaged in her routine hobby of baking for her family when it went wrong this time.

Brenda has become an Internet sensation as a result of her accomplishment. Brenda doesn’t, however, lose sight of her loved ones. She exploits her position as a pretty lady to support her friends and family’s enterprises.

By writing the Brenda Gantt books “It’s Gonna Be Good Y’all” in 2021 and “Linger Around the Table Y’all” in 2022, she also leverages her success to spread her love of cooking.

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Brenda Gantt, the author of this uplifting tale, overcame both assault and disease. She had battled breast cancer in both of her breasts and undergone two arduous back surgeries.