What Causes Holly Forbes’ Baldness? Does She Have Cancer?

Holly Forbes decided to audition for The Voice because she was intrigued by the concept of a show that looks beyond someone’s physical attractiveness to assess their talent. For her Blind Audition, she received a four-chair turn (except for Ariana Grande, who blocked John Legend) for her performance of Elton John’s “Rocket Man,” demonstrating the distinctive richness of her voice.

The mother of two children—daughter Violet, 7, and son Oliver, 1—with her partner Seth, whom she met through an ad for someone to produce music with and they ended up falling in love composing songs together—has a distinct appearance due to a childhood illness.

Holly Forbes of The Voice Has Cancer?

does holly forbes have cancer

Holly Forbes, fortunately, does not have cancer. When she auditioned for ‘The Voice season 21, the Kentucky native was hugely successful in turning heads. In the blind audition, she managed to turn all four judges’ chairs and even win the hearts of the audience.

Holly chose to join Kelly Clarkson’s team because of her incredible vocal range, captivating stage presence, and amazing skill. Throughout the season, the singer has proven her worth, leaving both fans and judges amazed and in awe of her performances.

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Although Holly performed admirably during the knockout round, Kelly chose Girl Named Tom over her, and Ariana Grande quickly invited Holly to join her team instead.

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Even as spectators praised her great performances, concerns were raised about her appearance. There have been allegations that the singer is battling cancer, as chemotherapy is known to cause hair loss. Fans have theorized that Holly may have another disease and are concerned about the health and well-being of one of ‘The Voice’ season 21’s top competitors.

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We can gratefully affirm that Holly is not suffering from cancer after reviewing her facts and researching her biography. However, the 30-year-old carer has been sick since she was a child. Holly has been having seizures since she was 11 years old, according to sources. They became so severe that she was obliged to seek medical assistance and was therefore exposed to a wide range of medications at a young age.

Unfortunately, Holly’s hair development was hindered by the drug, and she experienced severe hair loss until she lost all of her hair. Dealing with it was difficult for Holly at first since it hurt her confidence. She did, however, acknowledge that music and singing provided her with all the power and tenacity she required to restore her confidence. Holly’s approach to coping with her disease, despite having had hair loss as a youngster, is rather remarkable.

The gifted singer and mother of two — Violet and Oliver — does not hide her predicament, and her never-say-die attitude propels her to success. As a result, Holly Forbes fully deserves the acclaim she is currently receiving, and we wish her luck in all of her future undertakings.

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Why is Holly Forbes bald on The Voice?

does holly forbes have cancer

“I started suffering seizures around the age of 11,” she explained to viewers during her video package. “The physicians put me on medicine, which caused my hair to become brittle and uneven. I eventually lost my hair. Being bald is difficult for a child. I was singing along to songs on repeat in my room at the moment, and it simply bolstered my confidence.” —

“I grew up with you, Kelly Clarkson, so I’m going to go with her,” Holly said of her decision to join Kelly Clarkson’s team. When Kelly cut her during the Knockout Rounds, Ariana and John both swooped in to steal her, and Holly joined Team Ariana. Ariana’s use of her one and only steal to try to get Holly on her team paid off.

In addition, Ariana is one of Violet’s favorite singers, so Holly got brownie points with her daughter!

Ariana might win The Voice with Holly, who is receiving a lot of affection from The Voice viewers, and it is returned, which she considers when preparing her songs for her Live Playoffs performances.

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does holly forbes have cancer

“I simply want to be myself and show America what type of artist I am,” Holly told Parade.com following her performance. “We got to pick our own songs, so really what I wanted to do was show America who I am and just try to give the best performance while remaining loyal to myself as an artist.”

That being said, Holly hasn’t done one thing on The Voice that she usually does when performing, and that accompanies herself on the piano.

“When I go on tour, I intend to accompany myself a lot, play with my band, and perform unique songs,” she explained. “I adore playing the piano. I’m not particularly good at it, so I haven’t done it on the program yet, but I think it’s a huge deal that might surprise folks who didn’t know me before this show. That is something you can anticipate: creative music and a pleasant ambiance.”

Whether she wins or not, the 30-year-old Catlettsburg, Ky., caregiver for patients with autism and other developmental and intellectual disabilities says this has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make new friends, experience a sense of community, and be around people who love music as much as she does.