What Really Happened to Jesse at The End of ‘Breaking Bad’?

Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad is one of the few “grown-up” TV series to have captivated such a wide audience for so long. The subject matter, the performances, the production values, and the overall plot arc of the show were all astoundingly engaging.

There was nothing else like it on television, and even now, certain shows (Ozark, I’m looking at you) continue to draw heavily from it. I also adore how many unanswered questions the performance raised for the audience, such as what happened to Jesse at the conclusion.

Jesse’s fate was unknown at the end of Breaking Bad.

does jesse pinkman die

Jesse is made to work as a slave in a white supremacist meth camp in the series’ final episodes. While being tortured and tied in a cellar, Jesse pretends to make meth for a group of racist scumbags who have no appreciation for the skill Jesse uses to make the drug.

Thankfully, Walter pushes himself to devise a complex and cruel scheme to rescue Jesse from the crooks who had seized him despite having terminal cancer (you know, it’s kind of all Walter’s fault).

It works, although Walter dies more quickly as a result of being hit by a stray bullet from the automatic attack gun robot he set up to aid in Jesse’s rescue. Jesse hops into an El Camino and drives off to freedom while sobbing with relief from joy, pain, and other emotions. One of the series’ most recognizable moments is this one.

Speaking of El Caminos, Aaron Paul’s Breaking Bad movie is centered around the community. Since there are still consumers who desire his particular type of crystal meth on the market, the movie follows Jesse’s road to freedom.

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does jesse pinkman die

Meth dealers and violent White Supremacists aren’t exactly the kinds of folks who let the past be the past. Police, who are also pursuing Jesse, is not, as this fantastic movie teaser trailer demonstrated. Check it out below if you haven’t seen it already.

El Camino’s specifics are still largely unknown, but we do know that Jesse will play the lead role and that it will follow the events leading up to the conclusion of Breaking Bad.

Aaron Paul, who plays the role of Walt, has provided some hints about what viewers should pay attention to before seeing the movie, and it all revolves around my all-time favorite scene from the series: when Walt visits his meth-cooking comrade in the hospital after Jesse manages to survive some pretty brutal injuries.

The sequence is impactful because Jesse lets loose on Walter and shows how his entire life fell apart as soon as he decided to work with him. Aaron Paul gives a powerful speech in which he not only blames Heisenberg for his personal problems but also blames himself.

Paul totally kills it; it’s some of the most precise and impactful actings I’ve ever seen.
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Additionally, he claims that the plot of El Camino revolves around this exchange.

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What is known about El Camino is as follows.

does jesse pinkman die

The most recent full-length teaser reveals to viewers where Jesse Pinkman went after making his getaway: Skinny Pete’s home. It appears like Jesse is attempting to locate some of the delicious meth money that was abandoned in the middle of the desert. He engages in a rapid-draw confrontation with the owner of a recognizably guttural voice.

What does this signify for the movie, though?
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Does this imply that Walter White is returning?

Or does it imply that Walter’s impact on the drug trade continues to force those he left behind to bear the costs?

I’m interested to see how our sidekick-turned-protagonist escapes this situation unscathed, no matter what occurs. if that is even still doable at this time.

El Camino will first air as a Netflix exclusive on October 11 before making its AMC, the Breaking Bad original network, debut. Please forgive me as I prepare for this holy experience by binge-watching the original series and all current episodes of Better Call Saul.