Does the Royal Treatment’s Lavania Exist as A Real Country?

Netflix extends an invitation to a vacation fit for a king…

The Royal Treatment is the latest amazing escape offered by the streaming service so far this year.

American director Rick Jacobson teams up with hairstylist Laura Marano’s character, Izzy, as she is offered the opportunity to style the hair of Prince Thomas (Mena Massoud) for his wedding.

Since its release on Thursday, January 20th, 2022, it has amassed a devoted fan base.

Still, there are others who watch the picture who have to ask where it was shot primarily. Is Lavania, the protagonist of The Royal Treatment, a fictional character?

Is Lavania in The Royal Treatment a Real Place?

Does the Royal Treatment's Lavania Exist as A Real Country?

No, Lavania is a made-up country for the sake of the story.

Even if this could disappoint moviegoers who couldn’t think of anything they’d like more than touring the film’s castle, it’s not something they should let get them down.

Larnach Castle near Dunedin, New Zealand, provided the exterior shots for this production. Beautiful gardens fit for a King or Queen were a priority in Robert Arthur Lawson’s design for this structure.

On the other side, the interior scenes of the castle were filmed in Olveston Historic Home, which is located at 42 Royal Terrace, North Dunedin.

Those who have been waiting for this to open to the public can finally rejoice!

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“Move Over, Marvel”

Does the Royal Treatment's Lavania Exist as A Real Country?

Star Laura Marano discussed Lavania’s possible influence in having the film greenlit on Netflix in an interview with The Washington Post:

She elaborated on why she had come to this conclusion: “…because I think they are a little bit like, ‘Oh, more made-up countries!'”

Most likely, she is alluding to the several Netflix shows set in the fictitious city of Belgravia, such as The Princess Switch trilogy.

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Is the Royal Treatment 2 Confirmed?

Does the Royal Treatment's Lavania Exist as A Real Country?

Since Laura mentioned Marvel, I’m guessing there are some franchise-hopeful actors and directors on board.

The conclusion sets up the possibility of a second season, but neither Netflix nor the producers have confirmed that this is actually happening.

Obviously, it’s still early, and they’ll look at the overall numbers for the rest of January and the beginning of February 2022.

Netflix has just released The Royal Treatment for streaming.

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