Does Tommy Die in The Last of Us? Explained the Death of Joel’s Brother!

The first episode of The Last of Us jumps from 2003 to 2023, with Joel’s brother Tommy supposedly disappearing in the interim. The 2003 segment of The Last of Us portrays Joel, Tommy, and Sarah living in Texas together before the Cordyceps breakout.

When the outbreak occurs, Tommy is crucial in assisting Joel and Sarah in escaping, as well as saving Joel’s life following Sarah’s sad death. The Last of Us leaps forward 20 years to 2023 after this terrible scenario. Joel lives in the quarantine zone of Boston and works as a smuggler alongside a lady named Tess, played by Mindhunter’s Anna Torv.

It is rapidly established that Joel, as performed by Pedro Pascal, loses communication with Tommy (Diego Luna) between 2003 and 2023. Having said that, The Last of Us episode 1 teases what happened to Tommy following the epidemic.

Why Tommy Isn’t in Boston with Joel

Does Tommy Die in The Last of Us?

The most significant clue to what happened to Tommy appears in a scene in the episode’s latter part. The scenario in question occurs when Joel and Tess attempt to locate Robert and discover that he has died as a result of Marlene (Merle Dandridge) and the Fireflies.

Joel and Tess interrogate Marlene about why she wants the vehicle battery Robert had intended for them, to which Marlene responds that she needs it for a different purpose than Joel in HBO’s The Last of Us tale. She then says it’s her job to know things, and she knows Joel wants the battery to look for Tommy.

Joel then responds, “To be informed? You’re the one who turned my own brother against me.” This is the strongest indication of Tommy’s period between the breakout and 2023.

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Marlene is the commander of the Fireflies in the Boston area, and Joel clearly dislikes her.

This implies that Tommy joined the Fireflies and left Boston to be stationed somewhere else, which Joel obviously did not agree with. This is consistent with what is known from the game, with Tommy’s commitment to the Fireflies driving him and Joel to become apart before Ellie’s introduction forces Joel to seek out Tommy.

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Joel’s Search for Tommy Alters the Course of His Game Story.

Does Tommy Die in The Last of Us?

One thing that has altered since the game is Joel’s pursuit of Tommy. Large chunks of The Last of Us episode 1 in 2023, at least, revolve around Joel and Tess attempting to find a method to find Tommy. In the game, Joel and Tess fight Robert and meet Marlene because Robert stole their guns and sold them to the Fireflies.

In HBO’s The Last of Us, Robert sells the couple a car battery so that they can search for Tommy, a battery that Marlene also needs to get Bella Ramsey’s Ellie out of Boston. Furthermore, HBO’s new 2023 show makes it apparent that Tommy and Joel, although not in actual contact, reassure each other of their safety via radio.

However, Tommy’s radio silence for three weeks explains Joel and Tess’ attempts to retrieve the car battery. This gives Joel a far stronger sense of urgency and desperation than in the game, as he is looking for Tommy to see if his brother is safe, rather than merely chasing down stolen goods. Using the Fireflies to introduce him to Ellie is one of the great modifications The Last of Us has made to its gaming equivalent.

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The Last of Us’ Premiere Demonstrates Tommy’s Significance to The Plot.

The fundamental reason for this is Tommy’s character’s overall significance in The Last of Us, as seen in the opening sequence. Having Joel look for Tommy is a fantastic method to keep the latter character in the tale even when he is not physically present, which does not happen in the game, with Tommy mostly disappearing between the opening sequence and the last third of the story. With the show’s opening scene making Tommy a more important part of the tale, it’s evident that he’ll play a significant role in HBO’s The Last of Us.

Is Tommy Killed in The Last of Us?

Does Tommy Die in The Last of Us?

Tommy does not die in the video game The Last Of Us. In the years following the breakout, Joel and Tommy remained together and committed a lot of horrific crimes in order to survive.

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Tommy joined the Fireflies after making it to the quarantine zone because he wanted to help restore freedom to those living under FEDRA’s tyrannical control, as well as atone for some of the awful atrocities he and Joel had committed in the preceding years.

When Joel and Ellie finally catch up with Tommy in the game, he has left the Fireflies and is now living in Jackson, Wyoming, in a self-sustaining and fortified society. Tommy moved to Jackson after leaving the Fireflies, where he met and married a woman named Maria, who was instrumental in transforming the town into a safe haven alongside her father.

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He offers Joel and Ellie refuge in Jackson, which they eventually take after an unfortunate trip to a hospital in Salt Lake City. In The Last Of Us Part II, Tommy confronts far more danger than in the first game when he travels to Seattle on a vengeance mission, where he is severely injured, losing an eye and some of his mobility after his head is grazed by a gunshot.

After Ellie assists in getting Tommy back to Jackson, he becomes enraged because his revenge mission was a failure, and he begs Ellie to do the job.

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In the Series, Who Plays Tommy?

Does Tommy Die in The Last of Us?

Gabriel Luna, a Texas native, is playing Tommy in The Last Of Us series. Luna’s acting career began in 2005  when he participated in the film Fall To Grace, and he has since had a busy career with over 25 parts to his record.

Among his many accolades include roles in the TV shows Prison Break, Matador, HBO’s True Detective, Wicked City, and Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD, where he played Robbie Reyes (aka Ghost Rider).