Does Truth Social’s Claim to Charge $4.99 per Week True!

Does Truth Social's Claim to Charge $4.99 per Week True!

Truth Social claims to charge $4.99 per week, but do they?

The alleged price for Truth Social is $4.99 per week for users.
Before the long-awaited “free speech” app Truth Social from former President, Donald Trump was released, online users alleged that it was actually less than free.

Trump announced the opening of his new platform in October 2021, claiming Truth Social would “fight up to the tyranny of Big Tech.”

Trump has been barred from Twitter and Facebook. On February 20, the app went online on Apple’s App Store. Since then, customers have complained that it is difficult to create accounts and that they are put on a waiting list.

Some Online Say that The App Has a Cost

Does Truth Social's Claim to Charge $4.99 per Week True!

A screenshot of a tweet from former president Donald Trump’s new programme Truth Social, which costs $4.99 per week, was posted to Facebook on February 17 by The European Network. ‘Free Speech’ is apparently not truly free.

Before it was deleted, the initial tweet from February 16 received 14,000 likes, and subsequent variations of the claim have received tens of thousands more likes on Twitter. Truth Social, according to other users, has in-app purchases and additional upgrade costs for premium content.

Users posted a fictitious screenshot that purportedly reads “Start 3 Day Free Trial then $4.99/wk” and “Subscription renews automatically” as proof.

However, the screenshot cited to support the accusation actually displays pricing for a separate app that has nothing to do with Trump, and there is no proof that Truth Social is levied a $4.99 weekly fee on its members.

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The Subscription Promotion Is for Another App

Does Truth Social's Claim to Charge $4.99 per Week True!

The Apple app store lists Truth Social as being free, and there have been no instances of people being paid extra to use or download the software. According to the Daily Dot, the screenshot presented in the claims displays prices for a different platform named 2nd1st.

After a three-day trial, 2nd1st bills a weekly subscription cost of $4.99 for its “uncensored news & talk” social media app. Trump has previously vowed to sue the app, even though he is not connected to 2nd1st.

According to Business Insider, Trump’s lawyer Nathan D. Groth issued a cease-and-desist letter to the organisation behind 2nd1st in September 2021 for utilising Trump’s name and picture for profit. The programme, according to Groth, contains images that give the impression that Trump “uses or otherwise promotes the application, which he does not.”

There are no rumours or talks of a weekly subscription charge for Truth Social, even if it won’t be completely functional until the end of March. USA TODAY requested additional comments from Trump Media and Technology Group.

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Our Analysis: The Claim Is False

According to our study, we rank the assertion that users of Truth Social will pay $4.99 per week as FALSE. There is no proof that Truth Social charges members a weekly subscription fee, yet the platform is free to download from the Apple App Store. The claim’s screenshot displays pricing for a separate social networking platform that Trump has already threatened legal action against for utilising his name and image without permission.

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