On His 76th Birthday, Donatella Versace Honors Her Late Brother Gianni.

Fashion icon Donatella Versace is well-known. She rose forward to demonstrate that she could be just as outstanding as her brother Gianni Versace after the awful loss of her brother. She was successful. But even as she was revolutionizing the company, Donatella’s changing appearance caught the attention of the media.

For Years, People Have Talked About Donatella Versace’s Face.

donatella versace before surgery

Donatella garnered media attention in 2014 after being captured looking “extremely sparkly,” according to Yahoo! The Clinical Director at Transform Cosmetic Surgery, Mark Norfolk, weighed in at that time and said: “Where do I begin? Donatella is looking incredibly shiny, and I would attribute this to the fact that she uses a lot of Botox. Patients who receive Botox can achieve a glossy, extended forehead free of creases, as demonstrated here.”

Donatella overdid her Botox, particularly on her forehead and eyes, the plastic surgery specialist continued. He said, “It’s not normal for a woman of her age to have no crow’s feet or wrinkles around her eyes. “I would anticipate that she will visit her own non-surgical expert for routine Botox treatments.

Her eyes appear to be half closed when you look at them, which is a characteristic of ladies who have had excessive amounts of filler and Botox in their cheeks.”

Donatella’s lips appear to have undergone numerous surgeries, Mark continued. He stated, “The lines between her mouth and nose are very obvious, again suggesting she has too much filler in her cheeks. “Donatella’s lips are the first thing you notice since they have been overdone to the point that they are out of proportion with the rest of her facial features.

She uses way too much makeup, and her top lip lacks definition. My recommendation is to have only a small amount of substance injected, and to wait longer between lip treatments.”

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Donatella Versace: Did She Have Plastic Surgery?

donatella versace before surgery

More specialists discussed Donatella’s dramatic metamorphosis throughout that same year. “She essentially has everything. Botox, fillers, and skin-care lasers The entrepreneur also underwent a “facelift and eyes and brow lift,” noted famous cosmetic surgeon Dr. Steve Fallek to Hollywood Life.

However, there may be some skin redness for a few weeks following laser therapy.” And he said: “The majority of the dangers associated with numerous facelifts include skin loss. If she’s had success in the past, anesthesia won’t be as big of a concern.”

Additionally, Juva Skin & Laser Center’s Dr. Bruce Katz believes Donatella’s “Eyelids are a little droopy, and it is likely that she had filler used to enlarge her lips and cheeks.

They appear to be drooping, therefore I believe she had some poor Botox. Maybe the forehead has had a little too much Botox. Her ear lobes could definitely use some filler; they are severely strained.”

Dr. David Rapaport, a different specialist, offered a timeline of the claimed treatments Donatella underwent. “Her lips now appear to be overinflated, and her face seems to have more artificially defined fullness since 2002.

Most recently, it appears quite obvious that she had a facelift, as I can see a fine linear scar in front of her temple area “At the time, he said. “Her face seems more taut and rigid; she has certainly had a facelift; possibly her cheeks and lips are overinflated.”

He went on: “Her nose looks as though it was never fixed. I would primarily say a facelift. She had one sometime between 2011 and 2014. It could be because she has had more than one, but we can’t be sure. The hairline has been elevated too high and shouldn’t terminate so much above the ear.”

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Do You Know if Donatella Versace Has Admitted to Having Plastic Surgery?

donatella versace before surgery

I don’t believe in the natural look, Donatella stated in a 2010 interview with Love Magazine. Although it wasn’t a direct admission that she underwent cosmetic surgery, many people believed it was sufficient to account for her altered appearance.

Even my natural color is a mystery to me, the fashion designer continued. “Natural? What is natural? And what is that? I do not think that women should be completely natural. For me, the word “natural” conjures images of veggies.”

It sounds like a joke that followers would use to mock Kylie Jenner, who gained notoriety for using lip fillers.

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On his 76th birthday, Donatella Versace honors her late brother Gianni: Miss you so much, song

donatella versace before surgery

Donatella Versace is honoring her late brother Gianni’s legacy. Donatella posted a tribute to Instagram in memory of the 76th birthday of the late founder of the Italian fashion brand.

“Gianni’s inventive creativity cannot be adequately captured in words. I honor his ability on his birthday, today, and every year, and the impact it had on the fashion industry and beyond. I adore and miss you so much, Gianni. Xxx, happy birthday “she stated in a statement on Instagram published on Friday.

The carousel opens with a picture of the Versace siblings posing together in identical black clothing, arm in arm. Following suit is a sepia picture of Gianni and Donatella when they were young.

Many of Versaces’ friends, including fellow fashion designers Alessandro Michele, Pierpaolo Piccioli, Anthony Vaccarello, and Kim Jones, left loving and heartfelt comments.

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donatella versace before surgery

Heart emoticons were posted by famous people including Lindsey Lohan, Emily Ratajkowski, Dua Lipa, and Kylie Minogue. Legends, while Cindy Crawford added, “Love you both,” in response to Paris Hilton’s reply.

Gianni was murdered on July 15, 1997, in front of his Casa Casuarina, a 1930s-era Miami mansion, by hustler Andrew Cunanan, who had a habit of killing people.

Versace was appointed artistic director of the family’s luxury company that year after the death of her brother, a position she has held ever since.

A family friend of the Versace family previously told PEOPLE in 2017 that “They were an extraordinarily tight family, particularly Donatella and Gianni.” There was an incredible pain in losing someone who was the unquestioned visionary leader, undisputed creative force, and quirky head of this intensely passionate and emotional family.

The stunning murder case was later included in Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story, an anthology series on FX.

Versace wrote on Instagram in July to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Gianni’s passing: “Gianni, I’ve missed you for 25 years. I wish you were still here every day “In the caption, she said.

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Final Words

Italian fashion designer, entrepreneur, socialite, and model Donatella Francesca Versace is also a model. She is the sister of Gianni Versace, the creator of the high-end fashion house Versace, and together they worked closely on the brand’s growth, focusing on how it fused Italian elegance with pop culture and fame.