Who Is ‘Bling Empire’ Stare Dorothy Wang Dating?

Dorothy Wang is well-known to long-time Bling Empire viewers. In the OG series, the beauty won our hearts after telling shady queen Kane Lim about himself. Fans also appreciate that she is an entrepreneur with a down-to-earth personality and an outstanding fashion sense.

After all, the cast’s dating lives straddle the line between messy and hilarious. Dorothy has settled in New York City for the spinoff, and fans are curious if she’s seeing anyone.

Dorothy Wang Appears to Be on #team Single, but She Could Be Taken.

dorothy wang dating

Although most fans would assume that a woman like Dorothy would be off the market, it appears that she is not currently romantically tied to anyone. Dorothy’s Instagram feed shows no signs of a romantic relationship.

Her page is essentially a highlight reel of new season marketing, fashionable clothes, and photos of the beauty with friends and family. Dorothy, on the other hand, could be secretly seeing someone. Dorothy and the girlfriends meet several guys on a girl trip to the Bahamas in the first season of Bling Empire: New York.

Dorothy later meets a man named Aristides “Ari” Kourkoumelis. Ari is presently a senior counsel in the Office of General Counsel of the United States Department of Commerce. According to his LinkedIn page, Ari is also a lawyer with his firm, Kourkoumelis & Fotopoulos PLLC.

Throughout the series, Dorothy and Ari learn to know one another and even share a glimpse of their own worlds. Dorothy and Ari are still on good terms and are developing their relationship as the season progresses.

However, because Ari isn’t on Dorothy’s page, we can either assume that the couple split up or that they chose to keep their romance under wraps.

Dorothy Wang Has Previously Dated a Few Notable Men.

dorothy wang dating

Although most people remember Dorothy as the Bling Empire’s sole glamazon, she has dated a few prominent personalities. Dorothy was supposed to be dating Sam Saddam, a garment designer, in 2022, according to Netflix’s Fansided.

However, given that Dorothy spent time with Ari during the first season of the spinoff, it’s safe to conclude that Dorothy and Sam are in a relationship.

Dorothy and singer John Mayer were said to be dating in 2018. Dorothy and the “Daughters” singer were spotted hanging out together in 2018 to celebrate Dorothy’s birthday, which she shares with the “Daughters” singer. Dorothy was previously linked to rapper French Montana in 2015. She, on the other hand, completely denied the rumors.

Dorothy and Ari Reunited After Bling Empire: New York?

dorothy wang dating

Dorothy Wang told Bustle that she came to New York City in January 2022, implying that she met Ari later that year. Ari, however, is nowhere to be seen when reading through her Instagram feed. That makes sense because her grid, like any other celeb’s, is curated, and she had a lot going on.

She appears to have traveled extensively and worked hard to promote Bling Empire, among other things. A selfie from Queens or her date with Ari isn’t on her Instagram feed. According to the dates on his resume, he appears to have started his own practice around the time he met Dorothy.

Because he seemed to want to protect his seclusion, most likely owing to his employment, it’s impossible to know if they continued to date beyond Season 1. When Bustle asked Dorothy if fans may expect to see Ari in a possible Season 2, she answered, “I guess they would have to see!”

Who is Dorothy Wang’s family?


Dorothy Wang comes from an affluent family, which should come as no surprise. According to Forbes, her father, Roger Wang, is a self-made millionaire with a net worth of approximately $2.5 billion (opens in new tab). In the 1990s, he founded the Golden Eagle International Group, a company that specialized mostly in real estate development and vehicle care.

He eventually expanded his empire by acquiring the Golden Eagle Retail Group, which operates department shops selling high-end cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, clothes, and household goods. Dorothy’s mother, Vivine Wang, has devoted a significant amount of time to assisting her husband Roger in the establishment of his businesses while also undertaking humanitarian work. In terms of siblings, the singer has a sister named Janice, who works in the family business as well.