Doug Demuro Net Worth: Deeper Look Into His Luxury Lifestyle in 2022!

doug demuro net worth

Douglas DeMuro (born May 22, 1988) is a San Diego-based YouTuber, author, columnist, writer, and businessman. DeMuro’s main interest is the automotive business; as of 2022, his YouTube channel dedicated to car reviews has over four million subscribers.

Aside from his YouTube ventures, DeMuro also owns the Cars & Bids website, which allows people to buy and sell cars in online auctions. After leaving his previous work as a writer and editor for the car blog Oversteer, he founded the company in 2020. DeMuro formerly contributed to The Truth About Cars and Jalopnik.

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Doug DeMuro, in his worn t-shirt and scruffy trousers, seems to have appeared out of nowhere, with an encyclopedic knowledge of cars and millions of fans eager to watch his films In reality, DeMuro’s ascent to the top was arduous. He’s worked hard for his stripes. He was born and reared in Denver, Colorado, before attending Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, to study economics.

DeMuro’s first job, according to HotCars, was organizing the allocation of new cars to dealerships around the country for Porsche. He also contributed articles to lesser-known auto websites, exhibiting a flair for anticipating consumer needs.

As a result of this, he was hired as a full-time freelance writer for Autotrader and later for The Truth About Cars website. TTAC has already established a reputation for going against the grain by refusing to give marketers any editorial authority. They offered DeMuro complete creative control over his work and urged him to be amusing. DeMuro’s articles were hugely popular. His following grew, and he was asked to contribute to the prominent Jalopnik auto blog.

He eventually took the position of chief editor at Autotrader’s newly new Oversteer blog. His pieces were becoming more mainstream at this time, and they were frequently reproduced in national newspapers’ auto sections.

DeMuro made the move to YouTube content creation at the end of 2013, with a farewell film for his Cadillac CTS-V Wagon. His videos are raw and uncut, depending on DeMuro’s innate ability to be both hilarious and educational at the same time. This approach resonated with automotive enthusiasts, and his membership base has grown to over four million individuals in just seven years!

DeMuro expressed concern last year that he had “marketable” abilities outside of generating YouTube videos and that he was just one algorithm update away from trouble. As a result, he founded Cars and Bids, an online auction service for modern automobile aficionados.

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The site has been a hit, with some absolutely unbelievable bargains for a variety of modern classics. The semiconductor chip shortage undoubtedly aided selling pricing, but DeMuro’s honest, independent appraisals have earned him a reputation for dependability. DeMuro now lives with his wife Joanne, their young son, and a border collie in San Diego, California.

Doug Demuro’s Net Worth

Doug Demuro's net worth


Doug DeMuro is a YouTube automotive reviewer who has his own channel with the same name. His net worth is believed to be $6 million. He tests various automobiles, debunks various fallacies about them, and delivers his honest judgment on the vehicle. One of his series is to explore if these high-priced cars are truly worth they are asking prices.

Doug graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He writes for the AutoTrader Oversteer blog and formerly contributed to Jalopnik (motor blog owned by Gawker Media). He has also worked for Porsche in Atlanta, Georgia, as a Vehicle Allocation Manager.

Doug Demuro Earns how Much Money on Youtube?

As of 2022, the channel has over 4.5 million subscribers, with 2,000 new subscribers joining every day, and has received over 1.7 billion views. It can obtain an average of 700,000 views each day from various sources. The adverts that run on the videos should produce an estimated $5,600 per day ($2 million per year) in revenue.

After YouTube takes its cut, YouTube video creators in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia are typically paid $2 to $12 every 1000 monetized views. The percentage of monetized views is normally between 40% and 80% of total views.

Doug Demuro Net Worth


Several factors influence these outcomes, including the device used, the time of year, the viewer’s location, ad inventory, the number of advertising on a video, how many people skip the ads, the style of advertisement, ad engagement, and the type of content. The cost of an ad view is determined by an auction between advertisers. Advertisers must bid at least $0.01 for each view.

Status of Relationship

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Doug DeMuro net worth

His private life has remained hidden. He has a wife named Joanna. They relocated from Philadelphia to San Diego in 2018. On September 2, 2021, they welcomed their first child.

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