Dr. Donald Cline’s Wife Susie Submitted His Account Under Adultery

In the Netflix film Our Father, Jacoba Ballard takes centre stage to reveal the truth about her family history and the unethical behaviour of Dr Donald Cline.

Here, we reveal the name of Donald Cline’s wife, hear what she thinks of his activities, and tell you how many children he has.

In Our Father, a documentary directed by Lucie Jourdan, Ballard investigates the reproductive doctor her parents used. The incidents are reviewed via reenactments and interviews in the film.

Donald Cline’s Wife Considers His Actions Adultery

Dr. Donald Cline’s Wife Susie Submitted His Account Under Adultery

Although Donald Cline’s wife Susie isn’t featured heavily in the Netflix documentary, it is revealed that she, too, visited the reproductive clinic to receive treatment from her husband.

Susie and Cline’s marriage is shrouded in mystery, but the doctor has confirmed the existence of their children Donna and Doug.

According to the documentary, Donald contacted Jacoba Ballard again after their initial meeting to explain that his wife viewed their affair as adultery and that he needed to end it before it destroyed their marriage.

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How Many Kids Did Donald Cline Father?

Dr. Donald Cline’s Wife Susie Submitted His Account Under Adultery

I was wondering, how many children did Donald Cline’s father have?

Netflix has confirmed that 94 people are Cline’s biological children, and that figure is sure to grow as more DNA tests are conducted.

Lisa Shepherd, also known as “Sibling #33,” recently opened up about the worries that plague her on a daily basis:

You say to yourself, “Please don’t let it be anybody I know,” every time we get a new sibling alert. To paraphrase: “Please don’t let it be anybody I dated.”

The documentary Our Father also demonstrated the heartbreak of having to tell an unsuspecting sibling the news.

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Twitter Weighs In On Our Father

An emotional viewer of Our Father expressed their sorrow for the “turned upside down” lives of the siblings:

An additional viewer commented on the documentary’s insightful look at the American justice system:

Finally, this user feels that Cline’s 94 paediatric patients were not afforded the due process they needed.

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