Dr. Shannon Curry Claims Amber Heard’s Psychiatrist Allegedly “Misrepresented” the Findings!

It is now the sixth and final week of the defamation case involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. With Amber Heard seeking $100 million, Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife for $50 million. After the first meeting in 2009 while working on the set of “Rum Notes,” Depp and Heard were wed from 2015 to 2016.
Both Depp and Heard took a position in the libel action. Amber Heard’s forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Don Hughes, is accused of “misrepresenting” the tests and outcomes utilized in her examination, according to Dr. Shannon Curry, Johnny Depp’s forensic psychologist, during proceedings on May 25.

Who Is Dr. Shannon Curry?

In the Depp case, forensic and clinical psychologist Dr. Shannon Curry is testifying against Heard. Licensed in both California and Hawaii, Dr. Curry runs a counseling center in Orange County, California.
Dr. Shannon Curry Claims Amber Heard's Psychiatrist Allegedly "Misrepresented" the Findings!
According to the website of Curry Psychology Group, she has 15 years of expertise in the performance of psychological assessments, therapy, and research. Upon being called by Depp’s legal team in 2021, dr. Curry evaluated Heard’s mental state.
Dr. Curry Alleges Heard’s Psychologist ‘misrepresented’ Tests and Results
Heard underwent testing, and in 2019 Dr. Dawn Hughes determined that she had PTSD. In the first week of May, Dr. Hughes provided her knowledge to the court. Dr. Dawn Hughes allegedly “misrepresented” the findings of Dr. Shannon Curry’s evaluation on May 25, according to Dr. Curry, Depp’s forensic psychologist.
Dr. Curry added that it is morally encouraged for psychologists to limit their reporting to the facts obtained and refrain from including any sensitive or private material that would jeopardize the dignity of any of the parties concerned.
Dr. Shannon Curry Claims Amber Heard's Psychiatrist Allegedly "Misrepresented" the Findings!
She asserted that Dr. Hughes described Depp, whom she hadn’t examined, in part by referencing some of Heard’s allegations of abuse. Dr. Curry asserted that she thought Dr. Hughes frequently used the phrase “obsessive jealousy,” notwithstanding Dr. Hughes’ argument that testing and psychological evaluation could not identify such traits. Heard’s PTSD symptoms were allegedly “exaggerated,” according to Dr. Curry, who disagreed with this assertion on May 25.

Dr. Curry Charges Amber Heard with Being “defensive”

In addition to asserting that Dr. Hughes misrepresented the tests and outcomes performed on Amber Heard, Dr. Curry claimed Heard “exaggerated” her PTSD symptoms and “engaged in defensiveness” throughout the testing.
According to FOX News, Dr. Curry stated: “She administered the personality assessment inventory. It comprises multiple measures that are quite good at detecting exaggeration, minimization, or even trying to say you have especially good attributes. There were obvious signs Ms. Heard exhibited protective behavior on that test.
Dr. Shannon Curry Claims Amber Heard's Psychiatrist Allegedly "Misrepresented" the Findings!
Ms. Heard’s method of taking several examinations was deemed “interesting” by Dr. Curry. The face validity of the test’s questions, as she put it, seemed to have an impact, she continued. Accordingly, her validity scores show exaggeration if the test appears to be measuring PTSD. If the test contains fewer face-valid questions, such as the personality test Dr. Hughes performed in which she is unable to fully understand the questions, you will see a great deal of defensiveness.
essentially portraying herself as flawless and free from any personality issue or mental ailment. Due to an opinion piece she published in 2018 for the Washington Post, Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for defamation. Depp is being sued again by Heard. It is planned to continue the case.