Drunk Elephant Controversy- Why Is Drunk Elephant the Latest Beauty Brand to Relaunch a Best-Seller?

drunk elephant controversy

Hongkongers are always on the lookout for the latest beauty goods, and the opening of Drunk Elephant has caused a rush to the stores. Tiffany Masterson, the skincare brand’s founder, spoke with us about the company’s product line, what clean beauty means to her, the “suspicious six,” and why she agreed to sell it to Shiseido in 2019.

Why Is Drunk Elephant the Latest Beauty Brand to Relaunch a Best-Seller?

The beauty industry is well-known for its fondness for makeovers. That goes for several well-loved beauty products, such as Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma Fresh Day Serum. It took nearly a year to complete the new reformulation. “We were looking for methods to educate the consumer and communicate to them that, while this is pure ascorbic acid, it is the gold standard of vitamin C, and we didn’t want to compromise on that,” explains Tiffany Masterson, Drunk Elephant’s creator and chief creative officer.

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“However, because it was formulated on a production line with bottles that were filled and then closed, you got air in the product immediately away.” If you bought it and used it, it didn’t imply it wasn’t fresh, but we would advise consumers to utilize it straight away and not store up.”

drunk elephant controversy

Vitamin C is known for being a volatile and unpredictable substance. It doesn’t take long for it to turn yellow or darker in hue, just like other antioxidant substances. “That could be owing to the natural components we utilize, as well as the fact that we don’t use any dyes or bleach,” Masterson explains. “However, with vitamin C, there is a sliding scale of freshness and activity as it continues to turn until it is dark brown.” When a vitamin C product is opened for six months, it begins to oxidize and lose efficacy.

“I was always worried—this there’s terrible, nagging feeling in the back of my head—that when we went global, we’d have situations we hadn’t encountered before, like shipping to Russia or Asia and it’s sitting on a shelf in a warehouse somewhere where we can’t control how soon or how often the retailer puts it on their shelf and makes sure they’re all fresh,” Masterson says. “That’s a difficult assignment to handle.” So we started talking about how we could make sure they got a fresh product.” The result is the all-new C-Firma Fresh Day Serum, which allows you to play cosmetic chemist from the comfort of your own home.

Customers activate the serum by mixing the powder vitamin C with the liquid base, shaking it up to activate the serum, and then putting it in the airtight case to keep it fresh. The serum stays clear for months as proof of its freshness, giving it far longer shelf life. “I think what makes this device so extraordinarily unique is that it never touches the air again once it’s engaged,” Masterson explains. “This is the only vitamin C on the market with an airless pump that activates after it’s been combined,” says the manufacturer.

Drunk Elephant’s Method Makes No Distinction Between Different Skin Types. Are You Implying that There Aren’t Any Sorts of Oily or Dry Skin?

drunk elephant controversy

In general, I have a different approach to skin. I believe there are actually types that we are born with, but I don’t believe those types require special components or therapy to grow. The acid mantle of all skin must be nurtured and protected; skin is skin. Skin that is prone to dryness simply requires more moisturizing substances, while skin that generates more oil naturally requires less.

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Although true sensitive skin is uncommon, it still requires nourishing ingredients that are biocompatible. Ingredient-induced types – acne-prone, sensitized (most people term this sensitive), oily (the kind that overcompensates from being stripped over and over) and combinations – are ones I don’t necessarily believe in.

They blame those people’s skin problems on their own skin when they should be blaming them on the needless, disruptive substances they use on a daily basis. I’m persuaded that most of these behaviors, or conditions as I prefer to call them, are caused by certain ingredients. Almost every skincare product on the market contains elements that are responsible in some combination.

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