Druski Controversy- The Now-Deleted Comedy Skit of Druski Has Sparked a Social Media Debate!

Drew Dawit Desbordes (born September 12, 1994) is an American comedian who goes by the moniker Druski on the internet. Through many sketches, he is known for partnering with various rappers in their music videos, such as Jack Harlow, Drake, and others.

Early Childhood Development and Education

Desbordes was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on September 12, 1994, to Cheryl Desbordes, a state department employee, and David McLain Desbordes, a commercial pilot who previously served as a captain in the United States Air Force and as a Major in the National Guard. He and his sister, Nadia, who was born in 2006, grew up in Gwinnett County, Georgia. He used to play sports as a kid and stayed out of trouble most of the time, except in the classroom when he would crack jokes. Shiloh High School was his alma mater.

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druski controversy

Desbordes was able to graduate high school on time because his Spanish instructor, Nancy Gordeuk, assigned him an easy assignment to complete that granted him two years of class credit. His mother paid his rent while he attended Georgia Gwinnett College before transferring to Georgia Southern University. He felt depressed and stopped going to courses, preferring to watch YouTube videos instead. He stopped out after two semesters, disappointing his mother and threatening to cut him off from the family. Desbordes aspired to be a sportscaster at first, but with encouragement from his classmates, he switched to humor.

The Now-Deleted Comedy Skit of Druski Has Sparked a Social Media Debate.

Druski has found himself in the middle of a debate. The 27-year-old comedian uploaded a now-deleted skit earlier this week on how guys urge women to drink. The scenario opens with Druski and his pal welcoming a couple of women into their home before playing the drinking game “never have I ever.” Druski then makes multiple blatant attempts to intoxicate one of the women.

During the game, the comedian says, “Never have I ever kissed a male,” knowing full well that this will inspire the women to take a drink. Druski isn’t content with the size of the shot, so the woman pours herself extra vodka. “She’s a knucklehead!” As he examines the drink more closely, Druski says. “That’s a baby shot!” exclaims the narrator. He then proceeds to completely fill the glass, claiming it was a “normal shot.”


Druski is seen pouring booze into one of the woman’s mouths in another film; another scene shows him creepily watching the woman as she finishes a drink. Needless to say, the video elicited a mixed response. Druski was accused by a number of Twitter users of downplaying and/or celebrating predatory behavior. Others defended the comedian’s skit, claiming that it was denouncing rather than promoting such behavior. Some of the reactions to the skit are included here. As of press time, Druski had not responded to the reaction.

Druski’s Controversial Skit Receives Reaction on Twitter

Shortly after posting his new comic about intoxicating ladies forcibly at parties, Druski found himself on Twitter’s trending list. Many social media users were disappointed by the video’s content, while others continued to defend the comedian. Users chastised the comedian on Twitter for his recent post, leading him to remove the video from his account.

Some followers supported him, claiming that with the act, he was only attempting to bring attention to such real-life situations rather than condoning them. One person stayed objective, acknowledging both sides of the argument. As conflicting responses continue to flood the internet, it remains to be seen whether the comedian will notice the widespread criticism and reply in the coming days.

What You Need to Know About Druski

druski controversy

Drew Dessbordes, aka Druski, is a comedian, social media star, and content creator who has amassed a large following online for his comedy videos. He was born in Maryland on September 12, 1994, and grew up in Gwinnett, Georgia. He allegedly began publishing content on Instagram in 2017 before moving to YouTube. He presently has over 4 million Instagram followers and approximately 195K YouTube subscribers. Druski also developed a fictitious musical label called Coulda Been Records, which has its own Instagram page with content from his own live streams.

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Originally intending to be a sportscaster, the Maryland native walked out of university after seeing his potential in comedy. During his school years, he told GQ that he aspired to be the “funniest kid in the class.” Following graduation, the comedian attended Georgia Gwinnett College for a short time before transferring to Georgia Southern University in Statesboro. He dropped out after two semesters to pursue a full-time comedy career.


The 27-year-old gained notoriety for his skits, parodies, and impersonation videos, and later had a surprise appearance in Drake’s music video Laugh Now Cry Later. He also owns the 4Lifers merch line, which has been endorsed by celebs such as Jack Harlow, Quavo, and Odell Beckham Jr.

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