Due to Her Pregnancy, Mandy Moore Cancels the Remaining Shows on Her Tour!

Mandy Moore announced that pregnancy has “taken its toll” and has decided to cancel the remaining dates of her musical tour, which was to be her first since 2007.

The 38-year-old singer informed followers on Instagram on Tuesday that she was postponing all of her remaining concert appearances in 2022 with “a heavy heart and much contemplation.” This past month, coming back to the stage to perform for you all has been an honor and a complete dream.

Moore, who previously appeared in the popular NBC drama “This Is Us,” said she wasn’t expecting her second child at the time she scheduled her tour, which kicked off in June.

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“Although I genuinely believed I could make it through, the manner we are traveling—long hours on the bus without adequate rest—has caught up with us, taken a toll, and made it feel too difficult to continue.”

Moore continued, “I know that I have to prioritize my family, my health, and the health of my unborn child and that right now, being at home is the best place for me to be.” Moore announced in March that she would release “In Real Life,” her seventh studio album, and begin a 2022 North American tour.

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“Future-tripping on the next chapter of my life and what it would look like: what parenting would feel like, how it would change everything, and all the joy and uncertainty that comes with that,” Moore said in a statement emailed to “Billboard.”

Due to Her Pregnancy, Mandy Moore Cancels the Remaining Shows on Her Tour!

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Moore and her husband Taylor Goldsmith discovered they were expecting a second child a few months later. Moore made the revelation with a picture of their 16-month-old son Gus sporting a “Big Brother” jersey shortly after the series finale of her television show “This Is Us.
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As a mother of two, the next chapter of my life—one that was tremendously significant—is about to begin. and my, are we ever grateful and thrilled,” she posted on Instagram. This September, Baby Boy Goldsmith 2 will be released. Gus is going to be the BEST big brother ever, and the tour is going to be a little bit different than I had anticipated.

Moore Had Mentioned Feeling “Very Unwell” in Her First Trimester, a Feeling She Also Experienced While Carrying Gus

In 2020, she said on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, “I don’t know how ladies do it.” “I genuinely woke up feeling terrible, and I felt unwell all day.
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I lost a lot of weight since I was unable to eat. Although I know it’s not the case for everyone and that it occasionally lasts the entire pregnancy, I simply stayed in bed all day.

Due to Her Pregnancy, Mandy Moore Cancels the Remaining Shows on Her Tour!

So, I’m fortunate that things kind of trailed down and I feel a lot better now, Moore continued. Beyond that, though, I feel wonderful and like I have my energy back.

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