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Earth 300: the bold technological project wants to unite ecology and luxury leisure

Yachts have always been a symbol of wealth around the world, and during the pandemic, this luxury leisure took on a new function for those who could afford it: social distance. In Brazil, according to Acobar (Brazilian Boat Association), there was an increase of 10% in sales of these vessels in the year 2020, which ended contributing to the growth of this type of fleet in the world.

Among the most luxurious options are megayachts – vessels known for their diameter above 100 meters – which have a devastating impact on the planet. Indiana University performed a calculation, in which a superyacht, with crew, heliport, submarine and swimming pool, emits more than seven thousand tons of CO2 per year.

Currently, it is estimated that the vessels of this type together emit per years about two million tons of CO2, a number that exceeds the individual annual emissions of almost a quarter of the countries in the world.

To better understand the volume of pollutants emitted by these boats it is possible to make a comparison with Portugal. According to Pordata (database on Portugal), the entire country during the year of 2019, were issued 50 thousand tons of CO2 in total, counting all sources of this gas in the country, such as vehicles and industries, even so, the value is lower than the amount emitted by this category of boats annually.

Another interesting comparison is with the state with the most cars in the country. Latin America: São Paulo, Brazil. Even with a gradual change in habits in the population, who have been questioning whether they should buy or rent cars, aiming at economy, and a considerable increase in alternative and collective transport options in recent years, such as subway line app cars, remains one of the most polluting cities in this regard.

Even with this scenario, according to with the vehicle emissions report of CETESB (Environmental Company of the State of São Paulo), in 2019, São Paulo issued 200 thousand tons of CO2 originating from vehicles, a quantity that does not even come close to annual emissions of megayachts.

Earth 300: o ousado projeto tecnológico quer unir ecologia e lazer de luxo

With this in mind, businessman Aaron Olivera, born in Gibraltar and resident of Singapore, revealed an innovative idea, which will unite luxury with the ambitious idea of ​​saving the planet, through scientific research that seeks to mitigate the effects of warming global around the world.

The Earth 300 (named Earth 300, in English) refers to its length 300 meters, which, if built, will become the largest superyacht in the world. This post is currently occupied by Azzam of 179 meters, which belongs to the Abu Dhabi royal family.

What will this type of luxury leisure be like?

    The initial project presented has a single sphere of 13 floors, which will feature two dozen scientific laboratories, which will collect data from the ship’s voyages, looking for solutions that help find ways to alleviate the climate crisis.

    Through an open source platform, supported by a quantum computer, which employs quantum mechanical properties to achieve incredible speed and power, it will also allow the global community to participate in the events. However, this machine is still being tested by companies like Google and IBM.

    With the capacity to handle 425 people, will have two main groups: 281 crew and 90 scientists. There will also be 10 students and a group of 10 specialists from different areas – the idea is to form a “multidisciplinary melting pot”, according to Olivera.

    Tourists will have at their disposal VIP suites on the ship at a projected cost of around US$ 1 million per person, in order to fund research on board the vessel .

    In addition to all this, the megayacht will work through a new type of nuclear reactor, powered by “molten salt”, completely self-sustaining, which is still being developed in a British laboratory, causing has an extremely small impact on the environment.

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